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#MarchSadness #1 Seeds Announced

Who had the worst 2016? You tell us!

March is just a week and a half away, and that means our annual descent into the melancholy and maligned. That’s right, MARCH SADNESS IS BACK and if you never participated with us on Twitter or through my old blog, we’ll, you’re in for some mild entertainment!

March Sadness seeks to file through all the mishaps of the last year, in sports or otherwise. We seed them in our four regions, pit them in matchups to determine who had it worse before ultimately determining a winner…..or a loser, depending on how you look at it. The ultimate award is our Weepy, which I haven’t designed yet, but you will deal. The 1 seeds have been determined, but the other seeds will be voted in by you! Simply use the #MarchSadness hashtag and with your nominee!

Now let’s reveal the regions and the #1 Seeds!


1. Hillary Clinton – What happens when you’ve been groomed by your party to be that person since your husband left office in 2001? You lose to Barack Obama in the 08 primary and then run a campaign so bad you lose to a man with 0 political experience who is far less qualified than you are to do anything other than insult. Great job Hill, you earned this. 


1. America – The United States elected a 70 year old man baby with a giant toupee to the highest political office in the land. His childish outbursts and ability to call every single thing that doesn’t agree with him fake has left us in a sad get comedic swirl of updates since late January. 


1. The Golden State Warriors were one game away from sealing a finals win in 2016 after setting the NBA record for regular season wins. 3 straight wins by Cleveland later and GS has become the butt of all social media jokes since…..well at least until February.


  1. Atlanta Falcons- You just knew good and well that the more Joe Buck referenced insurmountable Super Bowl leads that the Falcons were going to blow it. It happened. Some of us laughed, some of us are still crying. 

So those are your one seeds, submit your nominations to the @THEKWCBLOG using #MarchSadness!

May the worst person win. 


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