AJ’s 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017


If you’ve been following this site long enough you know I was brought on here primarily to help Ron with reviewing Comic Book movies AND that these are pretty much the only movies I watch. So, seeing as how 2017 is chock full of great movies, I figured I’d drop the 10 I’m most looking forward to.

10. Thor – Ragnarok


The third and (hopefully) final entry into the Thunder God’s film series is shaping up to be a beast. There’s the invoking of “Ragnarok” in the title (google that), the inclusion of Hulk AND some elements of the Planet Hulk story line. So why is this only number 10? Well, Thor hasn’t exactly been a great series so far. The first one was a rush job and the second just fell flat. Hopefully, the exit of Jane Foster from the series will free Thor from having to be on Earth so much and unleash his mythology….I’m not holding my breath.

9.  Power Rangers


Not even gonna lie, I HATED this idea when it dropped. Especially after that dark “de-boot” mini film that dropped recently (seriously go watch it [also, theres a planned Netflix series based on that]). The idea of going back to the kiddie themed original rangers seemed pretty wack. The suits look like knock off Tony Stark designs and the black ranger isn’t a nigga anymore. BUT, all that aside, this movie looks bad ass. The fact that Rita is rumored to be the former green ranger makes it all the more interesting.

8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Seriously, if you haven’t seen the first film, do it NOW. Easily one of the more surprising films in recent memory. I’m positive the sequel won’t disappoint.

7. Wonder Woman


I’ll admit, my anticipation of this film SHOULD be higher, since it’s the first female Superhero film BUT I can’t put too much faith into anything the DCEU is putting out these days. Here’s to hoping they prove me wrong.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Another film that probably would be higher for most, I’m of the opinion this film won’t grab people the way its predecessor did. While the original had the element of surprise, even for a comic book head like me, people are expecting this to top it and like many sequels in the MCU (Captain America’s movies not withstanding), it may not live up to the hype.

5. Justice League


In 2007, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that I wouldn’t be already camped out waiting on a Justice League movie, but that’s exactly how bad WB and DC have been with their film universe so far. Three films in and the best part of the universe is Batfleck, who may not be around much longer. That being said, it’s STILL the Justice League and I’ll STILL be there the first night with bells on.

4. John Wick Chapter 2


I’ll admit this is KINDA cheating since this movie is already out, but I’ll admit this post was supposed to drop a month ago. I got busy with other things and forgot lol. That being said, this movie is great and it sets up a fire ass part 3.

 3. Spider-Man: Homecoming 


FINALLY, we are getting Spider-Man back where he belongs, with the rest of the Marvel Universe. I’ll admit, this being the second reboot dampers the excitement a tad but, Tom Holland is to Peter Parker what Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark. This kid is poised to define this character for an entire generation and I cannot wait to watch this.

2. Logan 


If the early reviews are anything to go off, I’ll probably regret not putting this at number one, but it’s still Fox. Even still, I have high expectations for this film. It’s poised to give Hugh Jackman, the only reason the X-Men franchise is still relevant, a perfect send off and give us a worthwhile successor in X-23. This film brought Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart to tears at the premier and both have said this film is so good, they’re done with these characters after this. My body is ready.

1.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Come on, you knew this was coming. The penultimate chapter in the greatest Space Opera in history. It follows up a pretty good re-entry to the saga and will hopefully give us some answers to the questions raised in “The Force Awakens” (like the fact that Rey is a Kenobi). I’ll admit, my Star Wars fandom probably has me overestimating how good this movie will be but if you told me I could only watch one movie from this list (John Wick not withstanding) I’m choosing this.

In addition to these 10, theres also a new Transformers (I know, I know, but Hot Rod is in it!), War for the Planet of the Apes, Fate of the Furious, King Arthur, Mummy Reboot, King Kong, Ghost in The Shell and Death Note movies are coming this year too. One thing is for sure, this is the greatest time in history to be a nerd with all these great movies dropping.


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