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The Maybach Music Power Rankings

Which "Maybach Music" is your favorite?

Rick Ross dropped his stellar Rather You Than Me album this past week and it got me thinking…Which “Maybach Music” is the best?

Well, I got my committee of Roni, Rony and Rone(!) together to debate and here’s what we came up with.

6. Maybach Music IV (God Forgives, I Don’t)

I could talk about this song or direct you to a gif of Ne-Yo wearing some big ass pants. I think we’ll talk about Ne-Yo’s big ass pants

LMAO, why are these pants so big?? Why?

5. Maybach Music 2.5

This song wasn’t on an album but Ross was dropping gems on Rick Ross TV. If you were hip to him during the Trilla-Deeper Than Rap-Teflon Don times, you could find enough loose songs to make a pretty dope B-sides playlist. This one wasn’t particularly anything special though.

4. Maybach Music V feat. Dej Loaf (Rather You Than Me)

I rolled my eyes hard as hell when I saw this one was featuring Dej Loaf but she held her own. That’s the thing about Dej (pun intended), you never know which one you’re gonna get but this is her at her best.

3. Maybach Music (Trilla)

It might not seem like it now, but this Jay-Z feature was a pretty big deal. Everyone wanted to know what Rawse would do for album #2 and Jay-Z was a little less than a year removed from American Gangster.

2. Maybach Season II (Deeper Than Rap)

Kanye. Weezy. T-Pain. There wasn’t a heavier hitting roster back in ’08. We gotta stop acting like Ross didn’t wash everybody on this one too.

1. Maybach Music III (Teflon Don)

There was no way I was putting anything else at #1. This song is as close you can get to perfection. The Justice League were at the top of their game, T.I. killed the opening verse, Erykah Badu was a great addition and then there’s the dramatic breakdown for Ross’ last verse. Perfect.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your favorite version of Maybach Music


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