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More Than Mighty Morphin’: Ranking Our Top 5 Power Rangers Seasons

I grew tired of seeing the disrespect and decided to make a list of my favorite Power Rangers seasons. Note: We use “season” loosely here because we really mean series. Mighty Morphin ran for quite a while and other series got two seasons. We’re ranking titles. My list is first, then AJ’s follows.

5. Zeo


Zeo is a season that gets lost in the shuffle but it was still pretty dope. Zeo still gave us Tommy, Jason, and Rocky, who is a very underrated Power Ranger. Just one question, though, how the hell did they see out of those helmets?

4. Lost Galaxy


I remember really liking this season but now, I can’t remember much about it. I do remember that a ranger was killed off the show for the first time. I remember the Magna Defender. I remember the Magna Blasters. I…guess I remember a lot about this season huh?

3. Turbo



In hindsight, Turbo might be the wackiest iteration of them all. If you remember, the movie carried over from Zeo. The first Turbo team had mainstays, Tommy and Adam. Also, Justin, who morphed into an adult sized human being for some reason, although he was only 12.

But I’m not here to talk about them, I’m here to talk about the second team. Led by your boy, the one, the only, the Barack of this Power Rangers shit: TJ Johnson.




TJ had to walk so we could run. Hang this suit in the Smithsonian. He’s a legend.

2 . In Space


Power Rangers In Space had the cleanest gear, that’s why they’re here. But they didn’t have to demote my boy TJ. He JUST got his time to shine and they snatched it away. That’s why he became the blue ranger. I know there was nothing but sadness under that helmet.

Look at this. My boy turned into Byron Leftwich.


1. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers



There was no other choice but the OG rangers. Nothing got me more hype as a 5-year-old than hearing this theme song after school. This show was iconic. It gave us the dope characters like Tommy, who is literally a ranger for life. It gave us dope story arcs such as the Ninja Rangers. Most importantly, it gave us the best movie experience in history.


My list largely mirrors Ronnie’s but there’s a caveat or two

5. Wild Force


Even though the most infamous part of this show is the fact the red ranger is in jail for murdering his roommate with a sword (no, really), I loved this iteration of the rangers. The wolf ranger was hard and they introduced alternate zords outside of the core 5.

4. ZEO


Zeo is largely iconic for bringing back the OG red ranger as the second Gold Ranger and a little payback as Jason stole the thunder of Tommy as the sixth ranger to his red ranger. Also, Johnny Young Bosch is one of the most successful ex-rangers out there.

3. Turbo


Outside of a TERRIBLE movie, Turbo is notable for featuring a black red ranger and for a kid being a power ranger…who gets magically bigger as he morphs…yea. BUT Tracy Lynn Cruz is the second finest Yellow Ranger after Aisha (Becky G notwithstanding).



Outside of being the last iteration of Power Rangers where part of the previous cast carried over, PRIS gave us a dope silver ranger and the first villain to later become a ranger. Astronema, the primary villain for most of the show later becomes the Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy



I mean, what else was going to be here? The series that started it all. When you think about it, they got a lot of mileage out of footage from a Japanese series and there’s so much that went into this show. Like the Green Ranger only being done away with because they ran out of footage and using the white ranger costume from another series that also contained the Thunderzords. Even without such dope arcs as the Ninja Rangers, the first season alone makes this the best. The Green With Evil arc set in motion a worldwide phenomenon. The Green Ranger is without a doubt the most iconic ranger ever and the original 6, will never be topped. RIP Trini!


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