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The 2017 Twitter Bingo Card – WIN A FREE T-SHIRT!

Oh twitter, how we love and hate you simultaneously! While you’re a wonderful application that keeps people connected, keeps us abreast on the latest news topics and spreads some good natured humor. It’s also a source of recycled jokes, discussions and arguments.

And yeah, you can simply unfollow the people on your timeline that are most problematic, preventing headaches and cleaning up your timeline in the process OR you can play bingo with all your followers and their friends at their expense.

The concept of the Twitter bingo card isn’t new, a few have circulated around during the years, but that was back when twitter was a much different place. A wild frontier back in 2009 that usually only bound together under hashtags and awards shows. I’ve updated the card to bring it to 2017.

Now if you read some spaces on this card and find yourself flipping out, suggesting that we’re “part of the problem” and that “cishet black men are the worst”, why don’t you calm down and realize that it’s not always serious.

Here’s how our game works.

  • Once a week we’ll post a new bingo card via the website. It’ll be tweeted by the @TheKWCBlog twitter account.
  • You MUST complete your card in that week to receive the free t-shirt.
  • To submit a qualifying entry you MUST be following the @TheKWCBlog account on Twitter
  • Screenshot the qualifying tweets and submit them in your post to KWC once you’ve achieved BINGO. Qualifying tweets must take place during the week the card is active. For example, the card we will be using this week will be good until Friday, March 31st. All qualifying tweets must be timestamped between today and 3/31.
  • You must either be following the account that tweeted the content or have it retweeted onto your timeline. Your screenshot is your proof.
  • The first person to achieve BINGO will receive a FREE T-Shirt courtesy of KWC.

If you would like to order a shirt or hoodie for yourself, you can check our shop out here:

Here’s what the shirts look like, BINGO Card listed below!

Real 1


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