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The #ThorRagnarok Trailer Just Dropped and It’s a Sight to Behold

Ron and AJ here. We’re back. Doing what we do best: Hyping superhero movies months before they even drop.

We get it. Solo Thor movies are a hard sell. He’s basically the dumb blonde of the Avengers movies, so his comedic relief isn’t enough to carry entire movies by himself. [Although Thor: The Dark World is incredibly underrated and I’m willing to fight about this.]

Marvel just dropped the Thor Ragnarok trailer and we’re gonna talk about some backstory and speculate a little bit.

Backstory: Remember that weird dream sequence from Age of Ultron? The one where each Avenger saw their worst fear come to life? Well, that gave you a glimpse of the events of Ragnarok. You don’t have to know much about comics to know about this, open your Norse mythology books, please.

Ragnarok is a long war that results in the death of many Norse gods such as Odin, Heimdall, Loki, and Thor himself. You know damned well Marvel won’t go this far, but the comic book version still serves us a dope storyline for a movie.

In the director’s chair, this time around is the very talented New Zealander Taika Waititi. As soon as his name was attached to this project, I knew this Thor movie would have a different look and feel. His movies are always very lush and colorful. Noticeably absent from this trailer is Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster. If you’re looking for her, give up, because she isn’t in this movie. Her “replacement” will be Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). I’m really interested in seeing her dynamic with Thor. Also, don’t forget about Lady Sif. I hope she’s in this movie as well.

The main villain here is Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of death.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-00-33

She looks pretty menacing here. When the set photos first dropped, I didn’t believe this was really Cate Blanchett.


I’ll let AJ take over from here to talk about screenshots from the trailer.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-01-23

Here, we get our first shot of Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson & henceforth known as #MarvelBae (sorry ScarJo). Thompson’s character appears to be working with the Gamemaster on Sakaar but she is also poised to replace Jane Foster as Thor’s love interest.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-01-45

Hela in full battle garb. Probably preparing to put much foot to Asgardian ass.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-03-06

Heimdall, sans helmet. Not a shock since Idris complained loudly at wearing the full costume.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-04-44

Surprisingly enough, Loki isn’t really featured much in the trailer but I’m sure he will steal the show, as usual.


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-05-34

Thor’s golden locks are gone & Mjolnir is no more. Thor is back where he started in the MCU, deserted on a foreign planet without his powers forced to fight a nigh-unbeatable monster.

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-04-10 09-05-56

That’s right, the green behemoth is back. It also doesn’t look like he’s stealing the movie either. We are still in for a Thor film.

So what are your thoughts on the trailer? Yes? No? Bueeeeeeller?

Let us know what you think.




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