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The Curious Case of the Wonder Woman Movie

With a little less than two months left until release, Wonder Woman is DC's forgotten movie.


Summer 17 will be chocked full of blockbusters. We kick things off with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Spiderman: Homecoming is also highly anticipated. Alien: Covenant is sure to be a hit. The Ape Movie That Has Entirely Too Many Prepositions even looks lit. But we’re missing one, right?

Ummm Dunkirk?


With the barrage of trailers coming before the summer season, we’ve left with one question:

“So…when is the Wonder Woman movie coming out?”

Now, you’d think this shouldn’t have to be asked, right? For two reasons a) Google exists, use it b) DC has the rights to the best female superhero of all time. So we should be tired of hearing about this movie by now, right?

For some reason far above my pay grade, this question still has to be asked.

Now we’ve seen stock photos from the Justice League movie, set photos, behind the scene footage, a trailer, a teaser to a trailer, character introduction trailers and a second official trailer. When is the Justice League movie released? November 17th. Wonder Woman?  June 2nd. But you would never know that due to the promotion of this movie, or lack thereof.

This convo has been swirling around the interwebs for weeks now and a lot of people seem to share the same views. There are two theories at play here but they both have the same disastrous outcome. At this rate, Wonder Woman is destined to fail.

Theory 1:

Wonder Woman sucks, DC knows this, so they’re pushing their chips towards the Justice League movie.

Batman v. Superman failed, Suicide Squad bombed, so DC decided to make some changes. They brought in Geoff Johns to oversee operations, but by this time, Wonder Woman just wrapped up production. They will view the movies from Man of Steel to Wonder Woman as their first phase and will come back with a renewed sense of direction and cohesion post-Justice League.

This theory is incredibly flimsy to me. Let’s play devil’s advocate here and assume Wonder Woman does suck, you don’t admit defeat on a 120 million dollar movie. Suicide Squad’s budget broke the bank. This movie had several trailers, a movie soundtrack, a crazy amount of merch and guerilla marketing. This was before the lukewarm reception. If you make a movie, you still put your marketing muscle behind it and lie like hell about how great it is.

We aren’t seeing this for Wonder Woman.


Theory 2:

Wonder Woman is a well-known character, this movie doesn’t need the promotion.

I hate this theory more than the first for a number of reasons. I don’t even know where to begin.

  1. This is an incredibly stupid assumption to make. Let’s hope the DC/WB execs aren’t that dense.
  2. Literally everyone knows Batman and Superman but their movie still got promotion out the wazzou.
  3. I said this once before: If you make a movie, you promote the hell out of it. Regardless.
  4. If that movie happens to be Wonder Woman, you pub it twice as hard. Why? BECAUSE SHE’S FREAKING WONDER WOMAN.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

Maybe this movie isn’t getting pushed because well…DC didn’t really want to make it. Before Geoff Johns arrived, there seemed to be a lack of continuity. Zack Snyder was the de facto overseer and creative head honcho. Nobody really knows how the DC universe is intended to flow and movies are being greenlit with no regard for this.

But, this is Wonder Woman! Why wouldn’t DC want to push a Wonder Woman movie!?

That’s a valid question. Diana Prince is a wonderful woman. She’s a great woman, from a long line of great women. She’s the first woman to join Justice League. She’s a woman who represents strength and bravery to a lot of other women. She’s a wo–ok, you get the point.

The lack of push behind the Wonder Woman movie is a slap in the face to the iconic character and the fans. There have many opportunities for promotion missed (IDK, like International Women’s Day) but DC seem content with whatever the results will be. There is no reason why a Justice League movie is getting more push and its 7 months away. Wonder Woman has no competition in the month of June, but DC is afraid to go head to head with the 3rd Thor movie in November?

This movie should be a major event. It should be treated like the summer blockbuster it’s intended to be but it’s not receiving the love it deserves. Justice League is being treated as the crown jewel of the DC Universe while their other properties are being ignored. If DC can’t see the slam dunk this movie should be, then they’re idiots who deserve to fail. But Wonder Woman can’t fail.

Actually,  let me tell you why you should go see it.

  1. She’s fucking wonder woman
  2. Patty Jenkins is a fantastic director
  3. Gal Gadot was met with scrutiny when she won the role (from myself included) but she’s easily the best part of the DC Universe. She’s beautiful, graceful, and totally looks like she can kick some ass.
  4. They think no one wants to see a solo superhero movie starring a woman. Prove them wrong. Wonder Woman, like many other women in history, are setting the precedent for other women. You want other female superhero stories? Put your money into this one.

I’m no betting man, but I’m banking on Wonder Woman being the best movie in the DC Universe. It has no direct tie-ins to their other stories and it’s being ignored (by all the right people ahem Zack Snyder). The lack of attention being paid to this movie will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

So on June 2nd, I’ll be there to support this movie. You should too.


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