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The Listening Club: Mack Wilds – AfterHours [review]

Hi! We’re back again with another roundtable review. We’ll be doing these often, so I hope you’re following. Last time, we did Goldlink-At What Cost. The album we’re reviewing this time is AfterHours by Mack Wilds.


I gotta admit, I had very low hopes for this album. NY: A Love Story didn’t do it for me. “Own It” is still a hilariously bad song. I guess this is because I can’t see Tristan Wilds as anybody other than Mike from The Wire. Or Boo Boo from The Get Down.


Tristian Wilds isn’t the first actor turned singer and he won’t be the last. But I couldn’t take him seriously because the music didn’t hit the mark. So with that said, I’m pleasantly surprised by After Hours. We’re in the age of Rap & B now. While I love this new take on the genre, it does make you miss the throwbacks. This sounds like an album Usher would probably make if he was in his 20s in 2017. This album has a more mature sound but is still light enough to be enjoyed by a younger crowd. To my untrained ear, he sounds like a better singer now, too. This album isn’t perfect though, not saying it is. But it definitely deserves a listen. Albums like this made me glad we started this series because I would have never checked it out otherwise.

Standout tracks:

  • Bonnie & Clyde (featuring Wale)
  • Stingy
  • Choose

Least Favorite Tracks:

  • There actually isn’t a song I flat out dislike.

Did I like the album: Yes

Would I recommend the album: Yes

Score: 3.5/5


I thought going in that this was gonna be like a teen R&B album, ya know B2Kish but it’s not. It’s VERY mature. Some of the things that he says reminds of me things that I read on my Twitter timeline—it actually reminds me of things that Sky says on my timeline. For instance, lines like these: “p^–y so good, eat it till she moanin” or “p@–y taste like now&laters” and “I’ma beat the p*–y up, hope it got 9 lives.” I bet you can’t tell if that’s Mack or Sky. Or maybe Sky out here ghostwriting.  The album is only 37 minutes so a quick listen won’t hurt, and like Ron said, I feel as if its geared toward a younger crowd.

Standout tracks:

  • Senses
  • Stingy
  • Couldthisbelove?

Least favorite:

  • Stolen Gold

Did I like it?: It’s cool

Would I recommend it?: Nothing to run and tell ya momma about it, but I guess

Score: 3.75/5


Unlike most people, my first impression of Mack Wilds came from watching The Breaks, so I didn’t have a huge hurdle of seeing him as a legit artist as opposed to an actor. Plus, I was a Gambino fan when he was laughed at by most music fans, so I can take anyone seriously. This album is a refreshing take on RnB because it’s simply RnB. This album has a lane and stays in it for the most part. No huge risks by Mack but there are a couple of records that diversify the sound. I thoroughly enjoy this album and I’ve listened once a day since Eb recommended it. The Production is on point and it’s a throwback to a time when singers stuck to singing (mostly).

Standout Tracks:

  • Senses
  • Go Crazy
  • Explore
  • Crash

Least Favorites

  • Vibes (only cuz I hate this word, track still bangs)
  • Obsession (again, track goes, but that chorus is simplistic and lazy)

Did I like it: Absolutely

Would I recommend it?: If you follow me on twitter, I already have (@AJ_Phx)

Score: 4/5


I wasn’t even gonna listen to this album because it’s Michael for The Wire, but I’m glad I gave it a shot. I definitely didn’t expect to hear what’s on this album. It feels grown up. Something to ride to while it’s hot and sundresses are hypnotizing you at stop lights. I hope he keeps this up.

Standout Tracks:

  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Obsession
  • Couldthisbelove?

Least Favorite:

  • Stolen Gold

Did I Like It?: Yes

Would I Recommend It: Definitely

Score: 3.5/5



Overall score: 3.6875

Everyone agreed that they would recommend. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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