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The Greatest Cartoons of ALL-TIME (101-76)

We asked you via @TheKWCBlog Twitter page and our personal Facebook pages: what are your top 10 cartoons of all-time? After two weeks worth of entries and with several hundred submissions, we've tallied the votes together to get our full list.

Oh yeah baby. WE LIVE!

Okay, not yet, we’ll be live in about a week when we drop our podcast that will cover two parts of our four part series counting down the GREATEST CARTOONS OF ALL-TIME.  I know that’s a bit confusing, so let me break down how this is going to work.

We asked you via @TheKWCBlog Twitter page and our personal Facebook pages: what are your top 10 cartoons of all-time? After two weeks worth of entries and with several hundred submissions, we’ve tallied the votes together to get our full list. I will count down 101-51 via standard blog posts, revealed in a format similar to how we did our other lists.  The final 50 will be discussed via our “Don’t Call It A Podcast”, which will be done in two parts and will feature a very special guest, who I’ll wait to reveal until closer to time.

Overall, y’all named 210 different cartoons with 201 receiving multiple votes, and there are some that I’m sure were deserving of being mentioned that did not get one. But enough stalling, let’s get into our list!

101. Garfield and Friends

CBS, 1988-1995. 7 Seasons, 121 episodes.

One of the more underrated cartoon series of the 90s, glad it got enough recognition to make the list.

100. Class of 3000

Cartoon Network, 2006-2008. 2 Seasons, 28 episodes

One of 3Stack’s many side projects since he and Big Boi haven’t been in the studio together.

99. Captain Planet

TBS/TNT, 1990-1996. 6 seasons, 113 episodes

Trash superhero who was weak against the very thing he was made to fight..

98. Young Justice

Cartoon Network, 2010-2013; 2017-. 2 seasons, 46 episodes

After much complaining, the series has been picked back up.

97. Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network, 2013-. 4 seasons, 175 episodes

This one is going to piss a few people off, but, oh well.

96. Star Wars: Clone Wars

95. Smurfs

NBC, 1981-1989. 9 seasons, 256 episodes

I guess it deserves a spot. Long runner, syndicated heavily into the 2000s, then got a movie trilogy

94. Reboot

ABC/Nick/Cartoon Network, 1994-2001. 4 seasons, 48 episodes

One of the more creative titles of the late 90s, deserves to be recognized even if it looks severely outdated now.

93. Popeye

ABC, 1960-1962. 220 episodes

One of the OG cartoon characters that survived into the modern era. It’s always interesting to see characters whose original series did not run long AT ALL get such syndication/replay value.

92. Pink Panther

91. Pepper Ann

ABC, 1997-2000. 5 seasons, 65 episodes

Wasn’t a big fan of this one, but my Wife was, so, here you go.

90. Magic School Bus

PBS, 1994-1997. 4 seasons, 52 episodes

No 90s educational cartoon is complete without Little Richard singing your theme song.

89. Jem

1985-1988. 3 seasons, 65 episodes

An action cartoon for the girls, Jem filled a niche that many in the 80s didn’t think existed (cartoons for girls). It was creative, created music numbers, and should get a revival. However, there are seemingly a million reasons why it can’t get a proper resurrection.

88. Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood

51 episodes (FMA). 64 episodes (FMA:B)

I’m not really into anime outside of a few of the more popular ones, but I knew a good amount of people who always championed FMA/B.

87. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Newtork, 2004-2009. 6 seasons, 79 episodes

Foster’s Home was in such an odd spot, Cartoon Network’s peak age was ending as most of the Cartoon Cartoons that were once featured on the network were ending.  Foster’s jumped in at the tail end of it, and it held it’s own. Eventually this is the program that help up the Network during its dark ages, with the only other two highlights being Flapjack and Chowder before the Renaissance of the 2010s. Makes sense as Craig McCraken (who was behind PPG and Dexter) was responsible for this.

86. Care Bears

ABC Network, 1985-1988. 4 seasons, 60 episodes

85. Beavis and Butthead

MTV, 1993-1997. 8 seasons, 222 episodes

HATED this show, but at least it gave us the base for Hank Hill

84. Angry Beavers

Nickelodeon, 1997-2001. 4 seasons, 63 episodes

Angry Beavers always falls right where it should when you discuss the greatest cartoons of all-time, or really, Nickelodeon cartoons. A good, strong series that stood out during its initial run and still holds up if you go back and watch it.

83. The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Cartoon Network, 2003-2009. 6 seasons, 79 episodes

I initially hated this show, I tried watching it but just couldn’t get into the gross out humor. It has slightly grown on me though.

82. Venture Brothers

Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Since 2004. 6 seasons, 71 episodes

Started off as a Johnny Quest parody and erupted into a goldmine.

81. Naruto

Toonami, 2002-2007 (JP), 2005-2008 (US). 220 episodes

80. Johnny Quest/Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

ABC/Cartoon Network, 1964-1965; 1996-97. 3 total seasons, 78 total episodes

Crazy to think that the Real Adventures of Johnny Quest lasted longer than the original Adventures of Johnny Quest. Sim Sim Salabim.

79. Fat Albert

CBS, 1972-1984. 8 seasons, 110 episodes

Boy. Nothing Bill Cosby did really holds up anymore.

78. CatDog

Nickelodeon, 1998-2005; 4 seasons, 68 episodes

Another show I could have gone without, but it gets a lot of love and that’s okay too.

77. Batman Beyond

KidsWB! 1999-2001, 3 seasons, 52 episodes

Unique concept at the time: when Bruce Wayne gets old and can’t fight crime anymore, what do you do? Especially in Gotham City where the crime rate HAS to put Memphis, Chicago and Birmingham to shame.

76. Steven Universe

Cartoon Network, 2013-Present. 4 seasons, 123 episodes

If you’ve never watched Steven Universe, I would HIGHLY recommend that you do. Solid show with its own lore that paces itself out rather well. If the Network weren’t so busy pushing it to the side, you would get more opportunities to dive into the story. Otherwise, I’d recommend you check it out for yourself.


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Part 2, featuring entries 75-51 will be posted later this week.

Look out for our Podcast with the Top 50 featuring ROY WOOD JR. next week!



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