Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review


What’s up world? So, Thursday, a comic book movie dropped and LIKE WE ALWAYS DO AT THIS TIME me and Ronnie are back to give you the best review you’ll read anywhere on the interwebs. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD.

So, when the first Guardians movie was announced way back, even comic book fans like myself were caught off guard and I’ll admit, I had zero idea who they were. And even though Marvel had a great track record even up to that point, nobody expected the film to be as well received as it was (I personally think it’s overrated but that’s just me), so it should come as no surprise that the sequel was as highly anticipated as any movie that’s on the comic book film slate from the big 3.

A couple of months ago, I made a bold prediction that the sequel would not be as good or as well received as the original due to a. Marvel’s track record with sequels (Captain America not withstanding) and b. It wasn’t a surprise this time around. The biggest advantage that the first GoTG had was there wasn’t a lot known about them prior to the film being released. James Gunn was basically able to make a film with no expectations and sometimes, that’s the best position to be in. What does any of that have to do with GoTG2? Well, my prediction was correct.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is mostly about Peter Quill’s estranged father, Ego, and setting up a bunch of easter eggs for future Marvel films…the latter being basically every Marvel sequel as of late. This film is basically Quill pining for fatherly love, discovering his Biological father is a maniacal “god” (small G) and that Yondu was the Dad he needed his entire life. There’s too much of Drax being loud for no reason, Gamora being bland and not enough Baby Groot.

The best part of this movie lies in the easter eggs. We get the reveal that celestials are indeed a part of the MCU (see Ego), Stan Lee is really Uatu the Watcher, via all his cameos (google that) and we get to see a glimpse of the Original Comicbook Guardians of the Galaxy (Stallone’s Starhawk should be a bad ass going forward). The biggest reveal by far was during one of the mid-credit scenes where we learn Adam Warlock, aka Him, one of the most powerful characters in Marvel lore is being created and sent after the Guardians, presumably in their next adventure.

Overall, it’s not a bad film, it’s just not the original and it’s another filler to get to Infinity War. Also, making Peter Quill part celestial seems like a cheap ploy to make the Guardians relevant in the fight against Thanos, since none of them have any real powers outside of Groot (Drax is that guy in the comics). At this point, I’m just ready for Infinity War because it seems every Marvel film lately is just another filler episode.

First, I’d like to talk about the grandest scam of them all. I went to see Guardians Vol. 2 at my local theater Thursday night. Against my better judgment, I decided not to order tickets on Fandango. “There will be plenty of seats if I get there early enough!”, I said. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I got there and had to pay $17.50 for the D-Box seats and this was the “student” price! It felt like I was riding a giant John Deere tractor. Please, never sit in the vibrating seats at the movies.

Anyway, let’s get into the move, shall we?

Vol. 2 is bigger, better, and more sparkly than the first. The one big criticism I have about this movie is sorta the bright spot, which sounds really confusing. There isn’t much movie here. The plot of this movie is a subplot of the first movie. After it’s resolution, I was like “Ok, so when does the real villain pop up?”. No villain ever popped up. You can ask yourself why did this movie had to be made or was it totally necessary. I think that’s a plus for this movie. We don’t need tie-ins leading to Infinity War. We don’t need every single Marvel movie to be one more piece of the larger puzzle.

James Gunn, who I have my opinions about, was given a large budget and allowed to play with his toys. What he created was a fun and enjoyable space epics filled with bright lights and beautiful colors. I don’t care if it was lacking plot. It was a fun ride. I think I enjoy the movie more than AJ because I just got to sit back and enjoy the ride. This movie helped ease the Marvel fatigue I was feeling. The only concern I have is Vol. 3. Seeing Adam Warlock’s easter egg made me think this movie would arrive between Avengers 3 and 4 because he has the Soul gem. No, Guardians 3 will “carry the Marvel universe a decade into the future”. This will definitely cause me to have Marvel fatigue and quite frankly I don’t know if the Guardians can carry the MCU all by themselves, no matter how fun they are.

Now it’s time for my lightening round takes:

  • I’m definitely here for Sylvester Stallone as Stakar Ogord
  • I definitely think Adam Warlock was intended to be Quill’s father until this theory popped up and Gunn deflected by revealing it was Ego. That cocoon easter egg in Vol. 1 makes no sense now.
  • Michael Rooker stole the show. Never thought I would say this considering he’s made a career portraying every KKK member ever and we tend to think art imitates life.
  • Baby Groot totally isn’t a gimmick. He (it) alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Thanks for letting Rocket shine in this movie. Rocket is a G.
  • They missed a golden opportunity by not putting 2nd Time Around by Shalamar on the Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Overall, Guardians was a pretty good movie. It looks beautiful, there are lots of laughs, but most importantly, it shows that Marvel knows how to pick their talent. James Gunn did a great job with Vol. 2. Even though the MCU is accelerating quickly towards the inevitable Thanos showdown, there is still room for these one-off stories.


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