No Suh Foster (@NoSuhFoster) – Premie Late EP

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you know we try to highlight local rappers and No Suh Foster has been a name that has appeared here numerous times. So I urge you to please check out his powerful new EP, Premie Late. This EP chronicles the experiences of a black boy growing into manhood. Here’s a more in-depth description below.

This EP is dedicated to Black Manhood, in all it’s misunderstood glory. This is to all the trappings and perils that come with being a Black Man: the emotions that often go unexpressed, the insecurities that we are made to feel lesser than for having. This is dedicated to the fears that must be faced and conquered with stern faces. This is for the wounds we are forced to heal, many times by ourselves. This EP is dedicated to the love that we must redefine and rediscover for ourselves and our families.

This EP is dedicated to destroying the stereotypes that marginalize and stifle Black Manhood. It is dedicated to shattering the idea that our manhood is measured by the size of our dicks, the brands on our clothing, or how many women we have had in our beds. How dare you (society) try to define such a complicatedly beautiful existence by such feeble, baseless standards? This EP is for any boy transitioning into a largely undefined stage of manhood, who finds himself confused by any influence outside of the moral compass his spirit possesses. It is my hope that in sharing my journey, that it make yours less complicated.

This EP is dedicated to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. For better or for worse, for 23 years of my life, you have taught me all I knew about manhood. I applaud you for your strengths and forgive you for your weaknesses. I thank you for the simplicity in which you raised your native son. This EP is dedicated to every porch, car, barbershop, dorm and classroom where my brethren and I, mostly unknowingly, held council.

Lastly, this EP is dedicated to my father. With age comes wisdom, and I am finally starting to wisen up to how much of a privilege it has been to have you in my life. A good amount of my friends didn’t have their father around, and while I mean no disrespect to them, I have come to the age here I’m starting to see the difference that it has made in our respective lives. Thank you for the whoopings, they made me tougher. Thank you for teaching me how to change a tire, how to treat a lady, and how to carry myself as a king in a world that attempts to treat me as a peasant. It took 27 years, but I think I’m finally grasping it.

This is a letter to Black Manhood from a Black Man… fight. Do not die, but live on.


No Suh, The Premature Late Bloomer (Premie Late)


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