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The Kids Wear Crowns Playlist Series: Don’t Shuffle, Don’t Skip Vol. 1 – Chillax

I’m renaming my “For Your Reconsideration” series, cause I ran out of ideas.

Sue me.

Anyway, I decided I’m going to start making a series of playlists designed for you to just let play through.

I’m a mood music person, meaning that I can’t just listen to anything all the time, I need different songs for different moods. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I like to chill, in various ways, so I made a playlist just for that.

This is also a decent playlist for if you know you’re gonna be sitting in traffic and just need to mellow out.

Or if you’re at the crib two-stepping by yourself

All acceptable.

Features Anderson Paak (4x), St. Beauty, Gorillaz, 6LACK, Wax, Gambino, PnB Rock, and more


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