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@TheGPGPodcast Joins the KidsWearCrowns Podcast Collective

First and foremost, I must say that I’m absolutely THRILLED to have The GPG Podcast come on board the KWC Podcast Collective.

Here at the Kids Wear Crowns, we like to pride ourselves as a group that embodies and embraces black and urban culture. Being a multifaceted service is the best way to reach as many eyes and hearts as possible. While our main core holds down the Blerd front with a touch of football thrown in, it’s nice to be able to have a group that can discuss Pop Culture as it flips and relates to the urban perspective.  The guys over at The GPG Podcast do just that!

The GPG Podcast consists of four gentlemen: Ugo, Charlie, Justin and Glenn. The group has been running their podcast for a year now, and with 24 episodes so far, there’s plenty to catch up on (if you haven’t been a fan of theirs already). From discussions regarding Rap politics, to body counts to love to courtesy regarding the exchanging of nudes to male rompers, I promise you, it’s well worth your time.

So what does it mean now that the crew has joined our collective? Well, at this moment in time, you’ll get notifications from us when they drop a new episode as we’ll shoot out a direct link via Twitter. We will also attempt to coordinate the crew into some of our “Don’t Call It A Podcast” discussions, and they might drop a guest post every once in awhile. You never know. The entire intent is to help everyone involved expand their audience, and we hope to do just that.

Check out the latest episode of The GPG Podcast:

You can follow The GPG Podcast on Twitter at @TheGPGPodcast

You can follow the crew personally on Twitter at:





You can send discussion ideas to them or general inquiries at: podcastgpg@gmail.com

If you’re interested in joining the KWC Collective, send us an email at contact@thekidswearcrowns.com


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