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#BB19 Hype Train: The Greatest and Most Underrated Players of All-Time



We’ve spent the last few days recapping the biggest moves in game history, the best seasons and even gave a little rundown for those unfamiliar with the history of the US version, and today we’re going to give our list of not only the greatest players in BB History, but some of the most UNDERRATED as well.

This will be pretty simple, I’ve composed a list of 10 BB Greats who I believe deserve to be placed in the BB Hall of Fame as the Greatest to ever do it. I’ve also composed a list of 5 BB Players who are basically the Donovan McNabb’s of the game: had a great run, but ultimately don’t get the credit they deserve. This does NOT mean I bill them as 11-15, this means that I don’t think their games are as appreciated as they should be. So let’s start with our underrated players, shall we?

UNDERRATED #5 – Kalia Booker (BB13)

kalia booker

Ah yes, I already hear the screams. “Really? KALIA? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? Bear with me. Kalia was the sole reason any of the newbies stood a lick of a chance in season 13, especially once Danielle got the boot. She was a strong competitor and had a solid social game to boot. Yes, her biggest mistake is the most glaring reason why the noobies went on to lose. Putting Lawon up for eviction because of some “secret power” that you’re not sure is going to be there or even be in your favor is plain idiotic. If they let Rachel go, she has to compete with Brenden to come back and you guarantee that one of them is out the door the next week, the numbers are on your side. Instead, they allow Brenden back, waste a week on him and then get screwed over by the Pandora’s box twist. The only time I’ll ever say a season was rigged was 13.

UNDERRATED #4 – Monica Bailey


Oh yes, the original auntie of Big Brother. Auntie Monica was lively and had an incredible social game back in BB2 and was one of the few people in the house that actually adapted well to the new twist to the game. She was never at full blown odds with anyone, and could’ve been put against anyone in the Final 2 and would have won the game. This is probably my own personal love for Monica clouding my judgement, but Auntie Monica is kind of lost in the BB Lore save for those who have been watching since way back when and it’s a shame.

UNDERRATED #3 – Lisa Donahue and Jason Guy (BB3)


Two other people who get lost in the BB lore. Lisa Donahue perfected the floating/under the radar strategy in the most pure way possible. She caused no drama in the house and stayed out of everyone’s way until the very end. Even though she wasn’t the best player in her season, sometimes you don’t need to be in order to win the whole thing. Jason Guy was Danielle Reyes’s partner in crime and could have easily won the season himself. His humble and wholesomeness has made him a fan favorite for years, hoping for his eventual return. Probably not though.

UNDERRATED #2 – Hayden Moss (BB12)


Honestly, I feel like any Brigade member not named Enzo could go here (I’ll explain later), including Matt, but I will slide Hayden into this slot because, you know, he actually won. Hayden was strong in both the social aspect of the game, as well as a dominant player physically. Yet, he was somehow able to slide through everyone’s radar undetected because he caused relatively 0 problems in the house and was loved by mostly everyone. Hayden would probably honestly be in the Top 15 for me all-time.

UNDERRATED #1 – Jun Song (BB4)

jun song

Jun Song, in my opinion, NEVER gets the credit she deserves for her BB4 win. People usually attribute her win to being more likable than Allison and that’s simply not fair. Jun played both sides of the house like a fiddle, including Allison during their team up late in the game. There was hardly ever a point where she didn’t have her pulse on what was going on and some kind of control in the eventual outcome of a week, IF she wanted that. Jun breezed through, only getting nominated once prior to the Final 4 and was never in any threat for eviction during that week she was nominated.  Her game was pretty much flawless and I think that gets overlooked because of the quality of the season and she was painted in a negative light for her bluntness.


#10. Enzo Palumbo (BB12)


Yes, we’re doing this. We’re going there. Enzo Palumbo absolutely deserves recognition for being the brains of the most dominant alliance in Big Brother History (sans Chilltown). Enzo was what made the wheels of the Brigade spin, he could spin the whims of the group to his will and charmed everyone in that house. There was a reason why Hayden cut him at the end: he would have won HANDS DOWN. I think we overlook how flawlessly Enzo moved through that house because he was such a great character. Charming, funny and knew just how to draw people in. He does not get the credit he deserves.

#9. Ian Terry (BB14)

Big Brother

I remember when Ian first entered that house on BB14 and just watching him be so overwhelmed with where he was that my Wife and I thought he’d be a pre-jury boot. Somehow, he managed to hold on every week when he was at the bottom of the totem pole and then rattled off win after win after win to put himself in a position to win the game. His move to orchestrate Boogie’s eviction was incredible, and while he had some help from Dan’s mist (indirectly, see Shane’s eviction), he was in a position to win the game at the end and absolutely slaughtered an all-time great at the Final 2. There are very few times in the modern era that you see someone sway the jury that late in the game, but my God he did and it was tremendous.

#8. Andy Herren (BB15)

andy herren.jpg

Call him a rat if you want to, but any time you can fool your fellow houseguests, feedwatchers and America in general into thinking that someone else is running the game while you play them, you’re a great. Period. To the blind eye, Amanda was running BB15 with an iron fist, and Andy played as one of her lackeys, when he was really a Dragon with an Agenda. Andy was able to twist and manipulate information throughout the whole house to cause massive paranoia without anyone being able to trace the twists back to him. He played the game that Derrick would play next season and did it against a much stronger cast in my opinion, just not as flawless as he did.

#7. Maggie Ausburn (BB6)


Could easily be placed on the underrated list too, because people don’t give her enough credit. The coolest thing about Maggie was seeing her come to her own during the season and watching just how she took control of her alliance and the house. It was hard for me to understand during Season 6’s original run, I was rooting for the other side of the house hard and Maggie messed that up. However, watching that season again as an adult and understanding the moves she made and the way she was able to manipulate people who were out right AGAINST her was amazing.

#6. Vanessa Rousso (BB17)

Vanessa Rousso

To this day I don’t know whether or not most of Vanessa’s waterworks in Season 17 were genuine and which were crocodile tears, but man she played that house like a fiddle. The way she would corner people with a half-truth and be able to flip the house when they accused her of lying was incredible. She positioned herself as well as anyone could at the Final 3 with two people that she was just certain who would take her and would have won if Steve didn’t make what was probably one of the smartest moves in BB History. She makes the Final 2, she’s probably our second unanimous winner.

#5. Janelle Pierzina (BB6, 7, and 14)

janelle pierzina.jpg

It’s hard NOT to root for someone who went as hard as Janelle did every time she’s played this game. Even though she held the idiotball for awhile in All-Stars, Janelle was still a forced to be reckoned every single time she got a chance to play. A physical competitor who may not be as strong socially as some other houseguests (if you’re in the house with her you love her or hate her), who is able to win her way out of dangerous situations. Respect.

#4. Derrick Levasseur (BB16)

derrick l.jpg

Derrick took what Andy did and implemented it on a level we have never seen and probably will never see again. Derrick has one of the best social games we have ever seen in Big Brother and managed to have almost everyone in the house trust him to hive mind levels. If you posed a threat to Derrick, you were evicted. Questioned Derrick, you were evicted. Breathe the wrong way around Derrick? Nominated. Evicted. He did not let opposition sit, stir and build, he found ways to convince others in the house to do his bidding.  BB16 is a rough season to watch because you know what’s going to happen once Devin leaves, but if you can make it through, it’s worth seeing just how well Derrick played.

#3. Danielle Reyes (BB3/7)


I don’t use this term lightly: QUEEN. Danielle Reyes is the Queen of Big Brother and I don’t care what anyone says. Formed a secret alliance with Jason Guy Week 1, played the house like a fiddle, even in the midst of confrontation, and was never nominated once until she reached the Final 3. As stated before, the only reason she lost was due to a bitter jury who had been exposed to all her diary room antics and that’s a shame. Didn’t do as well on All-Stars, only because Erika royally screwed her over.

#2. Dr. Will Kirby (BB2/7)


I had a harrrrrrd time with this one. Dr. Will is the basis of every Big Brother strategy moving forward from Season 2: be charming, be sociable, be so likable that you’re unevictable and don’t try to win everything. He outright told people not to trust him and then would immediately put that advice to the test, and people would trust him. Dr. Will laid the foundation back in BB2 that many have tried to emulate since (and failed). His win in BB2 was near perfect, and he worked the game in such a way that he setup his best friend for the win in BB7.  Although I would love to see Will return one more time to play a more modern version of the game, I’m sure he would walk through with no issues, I don’t think it’s going to happen

#1. Dan Gheesling (10/14)

dan g

Like I said, this was CLOSE, but ultimately what it came down to was everything Dan had to do in Season 14 just to make it to the final 3. This is a guy who could’ve left the house 3 times, but time after time after time he managed to come up with some ingenious plan that would allow him to buy some more time. The BB10 game was near flawless except for being on Brian’s side and almost getting picked off.

Dan’s misting, particularly the Funeral and Shane’s eviction are two of the most shocking and important moves in the history of the game.

What do you think? Who’s overrated and who’s underrated?


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