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The #BB19 Hype Train Continues: Our Top 10 Biggest Moments in BB History

5 days remain until the premiere of #BB19 on CBS! As stated before, you can follow Ryan’s live tweets during BB19 on our KWC Blog account (@TheKWCBlog).  To continue moving the hype train forward, we’re going to talk today about the biggest moves in game history.

toad hype.gif

By the way, if you missed my introductory post to Big Brother, you can find it here.

I wanted to take today to go over some of the biggest and crazy moments in game history, and before we begin I want to state two things:

#1. These are going to be things that directly affected gameplay, so Shannon using Hardy’s toothbrush to scrub the toilet is out, same with Bunky and Kent’s unlikely friendship or Monica and the final 3 learning about 9/11, and the racism in BB15

While all are iconic, moving and disgusting moments for the series respectively, they didn’t affect gameplay or how the season played out (with BB15 being the exception…somewhat), so I’ll be omitting those from this discussion.

#2. These are my opinions. Send all hate and annoyance to @EagleEye1906 on twitter. I won’t care.

Also, please note that if the introductory post got you interested in watching BB, you can find old seasons on YouTube (or CBS All Access if you wanna go about it the legal way). I say that to say this: if you want to avoid spoilers, don’t proceed any further.

Let’s get rolling.

#11. (Honorable Mention): Danielle’s Diary Room – Season 3

If Dr. Will Kirby is the King of Big Brother, then Danielle Reyes is the queen. She’s easily one of my favorite players of all-time (we’ll get to that another day) and played the house like a fiddle alongside her vastly underrated alliance partner, Jason, back in Season 3. Danielle was known for her Diary Room antics where she often vented and joked about the other houseguests. This ultimately backfired on her in the Final 2. You see, in the early days of Big Brother when contestants were evicted, they went home, which means they saw EVERYTHING. Diary Room antics included. A lot of the evicted houseguests were so hurt by her antics that they voted for Lisa instead. 6-1. Why is this iconic? Because of this vote and the shafting of $450k, Big Brother implemented a jury house the following season that would make sure that the houseguests who placed between 9th and 3rd would still remain isolated and only with each other. Their only visuals into the game were prepackaged DVDs that evicted houseguests brought with them that summed up the week’s events.

#10. “I sealed your partner’s fate” – Big Brother 6

In Big Brother 6 the major twist was that each houseguest had a “secret partner” that they entered the game with. This person was someone that they knew outside of the house prior to entering. For the first few weeks of Season 6, the “Friendship” alliance, led by Eric aka “Cappy”, dominated the game until Kaysar Ridha won HoH the week after his partner, Michael, was eliminated by the Friendship alliance. Kaysar used his new found power to create the “Sovereign Six” alliance out of the 6 houseguests outside of the Friendship. He nominated Maggie and James as to not out the fact that James was in his alliance and putting the second in command of the Friendship alliance (Maggie) on the chopping block with an extensive plan to put Cappy (Maggie’s partner) up after the Power of Veto.

The video above showcases the way the S6 setup the Power of Veto competition so that James would win, allowing him to remove himself from the block, while making Maggie think she was going home. She approaches Kaysar to say “you sealed my fate”, to which Kaysar retorts, “no, I sealed your partner’s fate.”

To be fair, I think that moment sparked something in Maggie the rest of the season.

#9. Hurricane Devin – BB16

I don’t expect you to watch that whole thing unless you just want to be flabbergasted by a whirlwind of terrible decisions. Almost every year in Big Brother, there is someone that comes in playing too hard too quickly, creating a sense of mistrust and shadiness and eventually getting evicted within the first month. For BB16, that was Devin.

Oh Devin. My God. Where to begin. First and foremost, he helps create a mega alliance, he then keeps bringing more and more people into the fold within the alliance to the point where he pretty much has everyone in the house in the mega alliance. In short, it seemed like being in that house seriously screwed with his head, because literally NOTHING he did made any sense. The craziest part of all? Devin was a strong competitor if he could keep his mind straight, but he blew up so hard, everyone focused on getting him out, allowing Derek to really just walk on through the first quarter of the game and then dominate the rest of the way.

#8. The Coup d’etat and Chima’s explusion – BB11

So initially back on Big Brother All-Stars, the houseguests were given the opportunity to win a special power through a series of clues that were left in the house throughout a certain week. When Mike “Boogie” Malin guessed correctly, he was awarded the Coup d’etat. This gave the winner the power to usurp that week’s HoH by removing one or two nominees and putting one or two replacement nominees of his personal choice, excluding the HoH and Veto holder. Mike chose not to use it.

Fast forward to BB11. America is given the chance to award a houseguest with a special prize, America chooses CBS darling Jeff, who decides to use the Coup d’etat to cancel Chima’s nominations. He then replaced them with the two most important figures on the opposing side of the house in Jesse and Natalie, prompting Jesse’s eviction. Hilarity ensues.

Not much longer afterward, former HoH Chima has a meltdown of epic proportions, feeling like she got screwed out of her HoH (she was right). She destroyed equipment and was called to the DR and escorted out of the game.

#7. Vanessa blindsides Austin – BB17

Oh boy, where to begin with this one. See, Season 13 was a weird one, because I love it and hate it simultaneously, for reasons we’ll jump into later. The premise of the season was “dynamic duos”, which paired 8 new houseguests in groups of 2 and brought in 3 “famous pairs” of former BB Houseguests. The pairs were Dick and Danielle Donato (S8), Jeff and Jordan (S11) and Brendon and Rachel (ugh, S12).  The house quickly divided in a newbies vs vets scenario, which later saw Danielle (Dick had to leave due to medical reasons in the first week) flop over to the newbie side after a few newbies decided to blindly follow vets (coughAdamcough).

At least once per season, Big Brother has what’s called a Double Eviction night, this is where one player is immediately evicted and the remaining houseguests compete for HoH and Veto all in the same night. On this particular evening, the veterans sent Danielle packing and her alliance member, Kalia, went on to win the HoH. Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel, and at the POV, when Jeff has the chance to save himself….

I won’t reiterate the rules of the above competition to you. They’re looking for two clown shoes to return to their podium, first to bring back two shoes and the POV medallion wins…okay, so I just reiterated it to you. Shut up. Anyway, if you look closely, you’ll see that Jeff accidentally throws out one of his shoes without even knowing. This allows one of the newbies, Porsche, to win POV, cementing Jeff’s trip home.

Jeff was a total **** that season btw

#5. Keesha’s Birthday – BB10

Let me preface this by saying that BB10 is probably my favorite season of Big Brother. Pure gameplay, very little gamechanging twists, it was strategy and a split house that made each week unpredictable. Keesha’s birthday is a strong, pivotal moment in the season. April has been alienating Keesha and Libra from her alliance, and while Keesha vents to Libra about April’s lack of trust in her, and how an earlier competition was unfair because Keesha’s team had both of the elder house guests on it (Jerry was 75, Renny was in her 40s). Jesse overhears it and decides to run to April and twist the story around a little further to rile April and Ollie up. April decides to confront the girls, which Libra is having none of and tries to break down to April what she said. Meanwhile, Keesha heads to the kitchen because she can’t stand being around April, where she runs into Michelle, who is aligned with April and starts pushing Keesha’s buttons some more. Eventually, Keesha goes back to the room to confront April, and Renny and Jerry get dragged in. People yell, angrily, they figure out it was Jesse who ratted, confronted him, more tempers flare (note that Dan and Memphis, who are both wise, stay the hell out of it). After everything blows up, somehow, everyone comes together to sing happy birthday to Keesha, in the most miserable way possible.

#4. Dan evicts Shane – BB14

I know I didn’t cover Dan enough in entry #5, so you might not understand why he was in the position he was in here. Let me just start by breaking down BB14.

The major twist for this season was that BB would bring back 4 “legends” of Big Brother to serve as coaches for the season. Each coach got 3 houseguests on their team, and whoever ended up having the winning houseguest would receive prize money (along with the winner and 2nd place). If you lost all your teammates, you were out the door. Well an additional twist gave the coaches the opportunity to return to the game as players, they took the bait and hopped right into the game to play themselves. Dan Gheesling was down to one remaining player at the time, Danielle, a sweet southern belle who stayed loyal to him even after he entered the game. Danielle though was tied up with a young man named Shane, who she was in a show-romance (or showmance) with. Danielle was of the understanding that she, Shane and Dan would make it to the Final 3 together and then may the best person win. Fast forward to the Final 4 and the house is down to Shane, Danielle, Dan and Ian, with Ian on the outs, it’s pretty obvious that if he doesn’t win HoH or POV, his ass is grass right?

Well, you don’t know Dan.

After Danielle wins the HoH, she nominates Dan and Ian for eviction, with Ian being the clear target. At the POV competition, Danielle wins, which would allow her to keep her nominations in tact and not risk losing one of her two close allies. Then Dan appears.

Dan SOMEHOW convinces Danielle to use the POV on him, because he wants to be the one to evict Ian (they’ve had somewhat of a rivalry at this point). He promises her everything under the sun if she goes through with it. At the live POV/Eviction ceremony, Danielle removes Dan.

Knowing it would be harder to beat Shane at the Final 3, Dan does the most Dan thing in the world. Dan turns around and evicts Shane.

danielle shocked

#3 Marvin and Nakomis’ 6-finger plan – BB5

This one is a classic example of how BB has evolved over the years. So remember how I told you about the introduction of the POV and how initially you couldn’t save yourself with it and then it evolved to allow you to do so? Well in Season 3 and 4, EVERY houseguest competed in the Power of Veto competition, and in Season 5, they decided to narrow it down to 6. In this season, the HoH and two nominees always played and would select another houseguest to compete alongside them.

During BB5 an early all guys alliance was formed called the Four Horsemen, which included Drew, Jase, Scott and “Cowboy”.  The alliance managed to have their way with the house for the first 3 weeks of the game, before the tables were turned and Scott was evicted. Jase proved to be a much tougher threat, winning POVs to save himself or a friend twice. That’s when Marvin and Nakomis came up with a plan (apparently according to the feed watchers, Marvin came up with the idea, but Nakomis was given the credit on air): if one of them wins HoH, they would nominate two pawns for eviction. Those two pawns would select two houseguests in on the secret to play the POV competition with them. Regardless of who won, the POV would be used to remove one of the two pawns, who would then be replaced by Jase, giving Jase no way to remove himself from the block and guaranteeing his eviction based on the numbers left in the house.

Marvin and Nakomis brought in Diane, Will, Adria and Natalie to go along with their scheme. Nakomis won HoH, nominated Marvin and Diane, Drew won the veto and took his showmance Diane off the block, leaving an opening for Jase to go up in her place. Jase went home.

This move is major because after this, BB guaranteed it couldn’t happen again by making the veto selection process a random draw.

#2. Marcellas doesn’t use the Golden POV

Remember how in these last two posts how I’ve been hinting on the change of the veto rules in Season 3? Well one of the twists at the end of BB3 was the introduction of the Golden Power of Veto, this veto would allow the user to remove his or herself from the nomination chair if they won it.

During the final 5, it was down to Danielle and Jason (who were in a secret alliance since week 1), Lisa, Amy and Marcellas. Jason had won HoH and nominated Marcellas and Amy, who had both grown to become great friends in the house. Marcellas won the veto. Marcellas, in the most boneheaded move in Big Brother history, DIDN’T USE THE VETO TO SAVE HIMSELF. His reasoning was that he didn’t want HoH Jason to have to decide between two women he was close to, the truth is that he was 100% sure that AMY WAS GOING HOME (note how his belongings weren’t even fully packed). The vote came back a tie and Jason looked Marcellas and said “you should’ve used the veto”.

#1. Dan’s Funeral

My God I don’t even know how to properly give you the background of how the hell this even happened.

We discussed Season 14 a little earlier, so I’ll elaborate just a little bit. After the four coaches entered the game, two of them were quickly evicted: Boogie and Janelle. That left Dan and Brittney as the only two veterans remaining in the game. Dan, a previous winner, was known for his tricks and had finally pressed half the house’s nerves with his gameplay. They knew he was dangerous and constantly made moves to get rid of him. I won’t go into how alliances flipped around this season, because it’s really something you need to see for yourself, but just know that it got to the point where it became Dan vs. everybody except Danielle.

Frank (son of Sid Vicious btw) had just won HoH, he nominated Dan and Danielle for eviction. Frank’s ally, Jenn, won POV. His former alliance member, Ian, had just won a bonus POV the week prior that he was able to use at the ceremony if he so chose. Let me back up a little bit though to explain the POV that Jenn won. See, every so often, BB does a “how bad do you want it” style veto competition, where the houseguests are asked how many days they’d give up something in the house or the willingness to perform a certain task (BB12 had someone take several chum showers) in order to advance in the competition. Whoever folds or notes the least amount of time will be eliminated, while the “winner” of the round will be required to perform that task for the given amount of time. Frank volunteered to wear a carrot suit, take an avocado bath and take a chum bath in order to win the veto. When he was eliminated, Jenn came from out of nowhere to steal the veto win (keep in mind she’s barely done anything all season long). Dan was forced into solitary confinement for 24 hours as part of a punishment he accepted during said competition.  All hoped seemed lost, Dan was likely going home, leaving Brittney the sole remaining veteran in the game. Then, in solitary confinement, Dan struck up a plan.


Dan decided to call a house meeting upon his emergence from solitary confinement, and he set up one of the best and most distracting speeches in Big Brother history. It would be criminal to shorthand, so I’ll let the man himself explain it to you.

In case you didn’t quite process that:

  • Dan reeled them in with false trust
  • He shattered his alliance member publicly, as to make everyone feel bad for her and not cast a single vote to evict her
  • While people were comforting her, he snuck upstairs with Frank, told him about Ian (his former alliance member) and his betrayal of said alliance, and struck a final four deal with Frank, Jenn and Danielle
  • Frank convinces Jenn to use the veto on Dan
  • Jenn uses the veto, Frank replaces Dan with Brittney
  • Brittney goes home

Because of all the pieces of this plan that had to go off without a hitch for it to even begin to try and work, and the fact that it DID, makes this the biggest move of all-time to me. It propelled Dan to finale night. Making him the first Big Brother contestant to ever place in the Top 2 twice.



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