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#BB20 Official Really Bad Prediction Thread

It’s coming! Our yearly 3-month summer vacation that somehow ends up being an endless torture to us is right around the corner. Big Brother 20 starts next week and 16 new houseguests have officially moved in and the game has begun. All the cast interviews have been conducted, you can find them on YouTube, this nonsensical post will be taking the information from those interviews and making wayyyyy to early predictions of the fate of each houseguest.

I DO plan on posting weekly recaps after every eviction this summer, as long as this season isn’t as incredibly boring as 19 was after two weeks.

Shall we begin?

(If you’re not familiar with Big Brother, you can find an introductory post here)

((I also have a few GOAT player lists here, I should update these to rank Paul)

Courtesy BigBrotherUS.com


Brett reminds me of every white guy I went to High School with that eventually joined a fraternity in college. He also seems very full of himself. Reminds me of a no Cherokee at-all Jeremy from BB15.

Most likely to: take his shirt off night 2 for at least 3 different women.

Least likely to: have a personality

Eviction Prediction: makes it to Jury, probably even Final 5.

Angie-“Rockstar”-Lantry-34 Angie looks like a literal cartoon character. Like she shouldn’t exist in the way that she does but somehow she does anyway. If those glasses are prescription then God designed her personality that way on purpose.

Most likely to: have a split personality a la her fave: Joey from BB16

Least likely to: not get on everyone’s nerve

Eviction prediction: she’s either the first boot or makes it to finale night. No inbetween. We work in extremes round here.


Rachel looks pretty chill actually. She’s a big fan of the show and knows a few of the ins and outs. No joke here, I think she has what it takes to make it far this season.

Most likely to: drag Brett along in a pretend showmance, using him as a meat shield and feigning innocence until someone is wise enough to take her out.

Least likely to: be a dud. God please.

Eviction Prediction: I’m gonna put her in the jury


Kaycee seems cool as hell. I wanna kick it with her. That’s the only analysis I have, I’m rooting for her and I don’t care that y’all know it.

Most likely to: be a little bit TOO closed off in the beginning, coming off as untrustworthy

Least likely to: cause any unnecessary disturbances, allowing her to go undetected until jury if she plays her cards right.

Eviction Prediction: my bias will not allow me to not see Kaycee on finale night. Final 3.


Where did y’all find J.C.? I need to know. I’m so serious. This is ridiculous. Jozea knows him which makes it funnier. Help.

Most likely to: violate Orwell the Owl, God help Pablo if they bring him back

Least likely to: not be a complete mess

Eviction Prediction: barely misses jury after trying to smash the ants.


Scottie-Salton-26“What if we take the Steve/Ian/what’s his face from OTT archetype, but notch his cool points up by like 3?” is what Allison Grodner would say if you could mold BB cast members like RPG characters. Scottie is the resident nerd.

Most likely to: take over the midgame by dominating a ridiculous amount of vetos and an HoH or two.

Least likely to: break the nerd streak. He might have a pretty good shot. He’s funny as hell saying Evel Dick was his favorite player and then saying in an interview that he lied.

Eviction Prediction: he’ll make it far. At least jury, let’s give him Final 5.


Steve said he’s going to lie about being a retired undercover cop as well as lie about being a college professor since a professor already won (Andy, BB15). His lie is that he’s a mechanic….

Most likely to: be the adorable Dad of the cast. That NY accent is incredibly warm and inviting coming from him.

Least likely to: make fake accounts on twitter and instagram pretending to be fans of him telling former female houseguests that the two of them should “totally hook up !!

Eviction Prediction: Steve isn’t making it far. He’s more of a threat than Kevin was, which will prevent anyone from trying to drag him to the end. I seriously expect him to be a good strategic player, but he’s out early jury. Probably a Double Eviction boot.

Tyler-Crispen-23The other child of Sid Vicious (kidding), Tyler looks like Frank hit up Dr. Will for some facial reconstruction. Round face a**.

Most likely to: “brah” and “dude” all over the place

Least likely to: be taken seriously

Eviction Prediction: Pre-Jury boot




Bayleigh is a former Miss Missouri and even though her Ross interview was a little dry, she showed a little something in her other interviews. I think she actually has some strategic acumen to her.

Most likely to: attempt an all-women’s alliance on Night 1 that completely implodes by Week 3.

Least likely to: make too many waves.

Eviction Prediction: She has first jury boot written all over her. Prove me wrong though girl.



THAT ACCENT IS ADORABLE AND SHE’S A WELDER. No, but seriously, Sam has a LOT of personality, I think she’ll be one of the more “dominant” characters of the season.

Most likely to: actually form an alliance that sticks it out until the end

Least likely to: be the conduit of drama in the house.

Eviction Prediction: Sam is in the Final 5 for sure. That leaves room for one more….


Angela is Christmas if Christmas never broke her foot.

Most likely to: be one of the absolute powerhouses of the season competition wise. Brett will be eyeing her.

Least likely to: actually fall into a showmance. Seems headstrong and unwilling to torpedo her game.

Eviction Prediction: Gets seen as a threat early on, but is able to fight her way until jury.

Most likely to: bond with Angie “Rockstar”, they’re going to become bestfriends over sage and crystals and whatnot

Least likely to: get a straightforward edit. She’s going to get the cheesiest edit we’ve seen since……maybe……Chef Joe?

Eviction Prediction: she doesn’t make jury. As a matter of fact if Angie goes Week 1, she’s out Week 2.



I’m getting Aaryn vibes and Taylor Swift vibes. Please prove me wrong, she seems TOO sweet. Haleigh has a good shot though if people underestimate her.

Most likely to: bite off way more than she can chew from a leadership standpoint. She is the youngest in the house and thinks her Psychology degree will help her read people.

Least likely to: crosses fingers say something racist.

Eviction Prediction: Jury, but not far into jury.



Faysal is a former TE for the UTC Mocs and I fox with them because I’ve had friends that played for them. So by proxy I’ve probably either met the guy or know him through a few degrees of separation.

Most likely to: be a big teddy bear

Least likely to: not see that people will use his kindness to do their dirty work and get him sent packing.

Eviction Prediction: Final Pre-Jury boot

This guy is probably going to win. He’s my winner pick. As a matter of fact, he and Kaycee are final 2. There we are.

Most likely to: Charm TF out of everyone. You too.

Least likely to: get evicted.

Eviction Prediction: why?


Chris-‘Swaggy-C_-Williams-23Okay, cool, we got a black guy. I’m happy, need more of us on the show. Checks notes He goes by Swaggy C? Oh boy. That said he seems pretty savvy about the game.

Most likely to: season the slop, therefore making it actually taste like something.

Least likely to: actually eat the slop

Eviction Prediction: Pre-Jury boot. He’ll actually be used as a pawn against someone but then the house suddenly flips last minute and he’s the pawn that goes home.

So there you have it. All 16 houseguests previewed, Big Brother 20 kicks off with a two night premiere on Wednesday, June 27th at 8pm/7pm CST. I’ll have a recap posted after Thursday.




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