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Don’t Call It A Podcast #24 – Racial Equality isn’t “Divisive”, Stop It – #TakeAKnee

You're not upset because the topic is "divisive", you're upset because confronting racial inequality makes you incredibly uncomfortable.

Let me just warn you right now, this post and the podcast both contain profanity.

and to the Republic, for which it stands

One Nation

Under God

With Liberty and Justice FOR ALL

I heard something at 4am on the radio that aggravated the crap out of me, so I recorded a podcast:

The next time I hear the word “divisive” it’ll be too soon. It’s an honest to God copout. Racial injustice and issues aren’t “divisive”, they’re a matter of human decency. To politicize that is to try and sneak your way out of a discussion that needs to happen in this country. One can protest during “sacred” moments to bring attention to an important matter. When we chanted “Black Lives Matter”, they told us to be quiet and protest peacefully, when we do that, they tell us “not now, please do that somewhere else” when they really mean “please don’t do that, confronting racial issues causes me personal discomfort.”

dolphins protest

I tried to be as coherent and clear with this one as I possibly could be.  Players and coaches in the NFL took a stand yesterday and knelt during the National Anthem, with a few singers taking part in the demonstration as well. It was an incredible display of unity across the NFL, where players and owners finally took a stand against President Trump and his offhand remarks about players…..

Oh wait, shit, that wasn’t the point at all.  When Colin Kaepernick took his knee 14 months ago, it was to protest racial inequalities and injustices, particularly faced by African Americans and other people of color when confronted by officers of the law. With a myriad of cases being caught on video since Trayvon Martin’s wrongful death in 2012 (Tamir Rice, Philando Castille just to name two) and officers in the wrong being let off scot-free without an ounce of change to our policing and criminal justice systems, Kaepernick made a point. He protested peacefully during a time of high visibility, got microphones pointed his way, stated his peace and then dipped.

Since then he’s been blackballed by the league and many players have started kneeling to support Kaepernick as well as protest his cause.

Kaepernick, meanwhile, has continued his charity work and given back to the community. Teaching young black men and women about knowing and understanding their rights as citizens of the United States.

Many people of the Caucasian persuasion have become enraged at this course of action, calling Kaep “unamerican” and “disrespecting the flag and soldiers who fought for it”.


Keep in mind NFL players didn’t come to the field for the anthem until around 2009.

Flag code violations run a muck in every day society.

You don’t want to “respect the flag”, you want these “entitled black millionaires” to stay in their place.

These black millionaires who fought like hell to earn their millionaires. Capitalism.

Not born into it and able to receive a “small loan of a million” from their father.


Before I go, I’ll quote the ever-so-brilliant Shannon Sharpe:

Those soldiers didn’t die for the flag, otherwise you’re saying they died for this t-shirt with the flag on it. No, they died protecting the rights and beliefs that the flag is supposed to stand for”

I’ll also quote Dale Earnhardt Jr. quoting JFK:

Good timing Dale.


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