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Don’t Call It A Podcast #26 – The Great American Rap Bracket Pt2 w/ Joe Coad

Ryan, Ron and AJ are joined by Joe and Kyle as they discuss the greatest city in rap

So in case you missed last week’s episode we’ve been basically shouting at each other about which American city is the best when it comes to rap. We started with 10 cities (cut from the original 16) and debated whose impact was greater based on: number of classics, best lyricists, and more. Ron and AJ helped us narrow it down from qualifiers to quarter-finals.

We’re joined by Joe Coad (formerly Joe Hova of Joe Hova’s Mindframe, now and a good friend of AJ who will simply be referred to as “Kyle” as we debate the semi-finals matchups of New York vs. Chicago and Atlanta vs. Los Angeles. We were going to work our way to the finals, however, we ran out of time.  Make sure you join us every week, as we’ll be airing consistently on Wednesdays, starting at 8:30 PM EST/7:30 PM CST, you can join us live via our YouTube Channel (make sure you subscribe). Podcast is below.

We’ll debate the final matchup next week, Oct. 18th.

Opening Song: “1st Day Out the Feds” x Gucci Mane

Closing Songs:

“Writer” x T.I. featuring B.o.B. and Translee

“Can’t Be Alone” x Wreckonize 



Ron – @RonQuixote_

Ryan – @EagleEye1906

Joe C. – @TheArtistGuides

Kyle – Does not use

Main KWC Account – @TheKWCBlog

Hot Takes Podcast Account – @HotTakesKWC


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