Welcome back, #MrRobot: Eps3.0power-saver-mode.h [episode recap]



After a long hiatus, Mr. Robot is back. Needless to say, the first episode of the new season didn’t disappoint.

The first episode immediately introduces a new character, Irving, portrayed by Bobby Cannavale. Judging from his encounter with the cashier of Red Wheelbarrow** BBQ, he likes rules and objectives to be clear. He seems like a man who has a warped sense of principles and ethics

He appears to handle the dirty work of The Dark Army. Whatever his position within the organization, Whiterose entrusts him because he has her direct line.

Finally, Elliot wakes with no sign of Mr. Robot. For the moment, he think he has control. This episode is about power, literally and figuratively. The city still has no power due to the electric grid being down. This gives Elliot time to reflect on the decision he made. He decides that he wants to take a position of power by undoing his mistake.

“And just like that, my power’s gone” – Elliott

Darlene, is totally powerless. We know that she’s being followed by the FBI and might even working for them. She just lost Cisco and Elliot now seems focused on reversing his master plan rather than the people it personally affected.

Angela might be the most powerful person in this episode. Quite frankly, she’s the most interesting character progression, but that’s a conversation for another day. Angela is the first person The Dark Army calls after Elliot is shot. This is after her meeting with Whiterose and most people aren’t even important enough to meet with her face to face. She’s the person Elliot runs back to. She’s also the first person Mr. Robot sees. In the past, I used to think Elliot was pulling the strings. Maybe even Tyrrell. Surprisingly, Angela has been the center of it all this entire time. Every link to the 5/9 hack points directly back to her. She’s the only character who sees the man responsible and the man trying to undo it, they just happen to inhabit the same body.

This was an interesting bombshell, and I want to know how Angela will manage both Elliot and Mr. Robot. In this hacker drama, the functions of Elliot’s physical body are analogous to the computers he hacks. We now know that Mr. Robot and Elliot are just two different profiles on one computer. Elliot and Mr. Robot were once fighting the same fight, now Elliot will join E-Corp to undo this process.



An H file is a header file referenced by a C, C++ or Objective-C source code document. It may contain variables, constants, and functions that are used by other files within a programming project. H files allow commonly used functions to be written only once and referenced by other source files when needed.

Power saver mode is when a device is still on but is running at minimum power in order to preserve the battery. But you knew that already.


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