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Birmingham’s @beetaylora causes controversy over $30 Thanksgiving Plates

If ANYBODY gonna get the clicks off this it's gonna be two of her homeboys and Ron

Birmingham, AL

Twitter users around the world reacted in rage, confusion and disbelief as Twitter user @beetaylora discussed her family’s Thanksgiving process and plans.

and of course the takes went off

I get it though, it makes sense. It costs a lot of money just to host anyone over at your place, especially if you have a big family. Food costs money, and when you’re putting in time and effort just for folks to either not show, or folks who never come around show up to grab food and leave, I see how you could feel a certain way.

In our family we rotate houses every year, there are four Aunts (my Mom included in there) who host family Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Eve dinner and we just rotate. I never thought about the cost of it when I was younger, but then again, everyone usually brings something to contribute: Momma always makes Mac and Cheese and Sweet Potato pie, one of my Aunts makes the potato salad, an uncle makes cabbage, etc.

What are y’alls Thanksgiving traditions?

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