#MrRobot: eps3.3_m3tadatapar2 Recap

"Whatever he does, it's not me"

Remember the days of ripping CDs? You could use Windows Media Player, Roxio, etc. If you were connected to the internet while you entered your CD into the drive, you’d get the album cover and artist name. What you didn’t pay attention to most of the time is the other information that was filled in. Producers, arrangers, songwriters, length of each song and so on. The track titles are important but what’s going on behind them is just as important.

This is metadata. Metadata gives you more information about whatever data you’re working with. As Elliot says, it’s the “story behind the story”. This episode halts the progress to tell you the story behind the story but it still works. Some huge revelations were dropped at the beginning of this season and this episode is used to explain what’s really going on inside the mind of each character.

Darlene, being so rebellious, is working with the FBI, which always seemed like a weird choice no matter what the stakes are. Now, she’s lonely and unraveling. She’s fully aware that working with the FBI only ends one way and she takes no pleasure in doing so.

1Angela spent most of season 2 searching for a purpose. She bounced around E-Corp and even assisted FSociety, which connected her to the Dark Army unknowingly. She has since been employed by Dark Army to manage the many personalities of Elliot and Tyrell. She, along with Irving, has seen something to make her totally committed to the cause. This leads to a conversation with Irving about the boundaries of what’s real in our world.

I’m guessing it’s this Hadron collider-like machine. Going back to episode one she asked Elliot what he would be willing to do to make this all go away. There are other hints thrown at this with the FBI’s Operation Bearenstein/Bearenstain. Ok, theory time. May I share a theory with you?

I can’t stop thinking about the tagline of season 2: Control is an illusion. What if, that wasn’t just in reference to Elliot and Mr. Robot but the world as a whole? While we look at Fight Club as the main reference of this TV show there is another we tend to forget. The Matrix. There is even an obvious hint in the character name with Alderson/Anderson. I’m not saying Elliot will be wielding pistols and fighting Wing Chung style, but the world building is the same. 

Let me put on my tin foil hat here. But what if the world we’re in is nothing but a simulation? What if there was something to change the outcomes based on a set of variables? I think this show is heading towards an augmented universe if not an alternate one. A world where Whiterose changes the variables of the equation for her desired output. The one variable that is putting everything into motion is also the one that may yield undesirable results. While Elliot (Mr. Robot) was brought in to make this all happen, he may be the one to end it all as well. 

Going back to Mr. Anderson (Neo), he saw the Matrix in binary code (1s and 0s).

This episode set the table for next week but still managed to be engaging. If the promo for next week’s episode is any indication, we’re in for a really good one. Mark September 29th, 2015 on your calendar.

Questions to ponder for next week:

  • Was the guy taken in by the FBI for the FSociety plan planted there as a Dark Knight plan?
  • Irving calls Angela to tell her Tyrell is taking care of the plan. How?
  • Extra credit: The “God” particle?

Now, I leave you with a song


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