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Don’t Call It A Podcast #29 – Introducing @McDeedus, Rapsody, Thor and Pres. Oranjello

It took us 29 podcasts to find a permanent female co-host (don’t worry about Courtney, we didn’t kidnap her, she’s out actually doing some good for the world, she might come back one day) but we did it dagnabit. Dee “McDeedus” McDeederson will be joining the DCIP crew from now on. This way AJ won’t be talking to himself when Ryan is out daddying and Ronnie is out being a sugar daddy or watching Mr. Robot.

Today Dee tests the waters by talking about Rapsody’s “Laila’s Wisdom” album that dropped last week, “Thor: Ragnarok”, Beyonce being added to the Lion King remake and whether or not we actually think if Paul Manafort’s arrest will result in anything significant regarding the Cheeto-in-Chief.

Podcast is below, iTunes link afterward.

iTunes LINK


Love Grind x District Phive 


See Me Now x Kanye West, Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, Big Sean

Forlorn x Lapalux, Busdriver


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