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Don’t Call This A Podcast #30 – Scammer Season, AJ was late on OutKast

"If you ever go to an event in Birmingham put on by Lazy, don't hesitate, get out of there"

With Ron out sick, AJ and Dee are joined by @Pattric (and later Ryan) for a current events episode. We talk about the T.I./Ludacris debate that showed up on the timeline last week, we discuss how where you grew up affected the music you listened to.

We laughed at AJ for not hearing an OutKast album until Stankonia.

Pat talks about the time he got scammed by EZ Recliner Chair Guy

Also, do you think Cardi B should “clean up” her music? Is this of her own volition or is she being forced to do so?

iTunes Link

Google Player

Intro – I’m Serious x T.I.

Outro – Worlds to Run x Busdriver, Milo, Anderson Paak


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