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NFL Week 13 Power Rankings – University of Tennessee Stages of Grief Edition

Tier #6: Butch Jones will make us Champions of Life!

#32. Cleveland Browns – I continue to not have words for how bad this team is.

#31. San Francisco 49ers – Pretty trash to cheer Beathard getting hurt. I don’t care how bad he is, that isn’t okay man.

#30. New York Giants – Eli is so tired of playing for this trash franchise. He can’t wait to leave this team in the offseason and go retire down in Florida, coming out every Sunday to play for the Jaguars.

#29. Indianapolis Colts – Quietly, Jacoby Brisset is getting better. Quietly.

#28. Chicago Bears – Trubisky has promise, but this team is bad and I know Bears fans can’t wait for John Fox to go.

Tier #5: The turnover trashcan that was seen being paraded around in 2017


#26. Denver Broncos – ALMOST pulled it off at the end there, then they remembered that they don’t even have a QB that can test Oakland’s sorry defense.

#25. Cincinnati Bengals – Remember when I said Marvin Lewis is going to do JUST enough to save his job? They’re 5-6 and literally one game out of a wildcard spot.

#24. Houston Texans – At least Tom Savage will kill the use of the word “savage”

Tier #4: Losing 13 straight SEC Games

#23. Arizona Cardinals – Bruce Arians said that he could see Blaine Gabbert as the starter in 2018 and that just confirms that it might be time for Bruce to retire.

#22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sliding backwards

#21. New York Jets – 4-7 record doesn’t say enough about how good of a job Todd Bowles has done with a BAD team. If they would’ve pulled off that win, they’d be one game out of a wildcard spot.

#20. Green Bay Packers – Hundley did alright. Good for him.

#19. Dallas Cowboys – Dak has regressed some, but he’s not the reason they’re suddenly trash.

#18. Oakland Raiders – It won’t hold. They might finish second in the division if KC keeps free-falling though.

Tier #3: Getting turned down by the Head Coach of Duke FOOTBALL

#17. Washington – They do enough to be considered decent, but not enough to really make an impact in the overall NFC race.

#16. Detroit Lions – Same with them, decent team, great QB, no running game. I don’t know what it’s going to take for them to get that right.

#15. Kansas City Chiefs

#14. Los Angeles Chargers – Your future AFC West champions. Book it.

#13. Buffalo Bills – No, you didn’t score 30 points, but you also didn’t throw 5 INTs. So. There.

#12. Baltimore Ravens – If there’s ANY team that can peak at the right time and actually challenge New England in the AFC, it’s them.

Tier #2: Ignoring Tee Martin

#11. Seattle Seahawks – Opinion on them remains the same: Russell is that offense, failure to find a compliment for him will result in this team not making the postseason.

#10. Tennessee Titans – Bad win against a bad team, but a win is a win and suddenly they’re back in 1st.

#09. Jacksonville Jaguars – Which means if they blow it, it’s Bortles fault.

#08. Atlanta Falcons – Shh….the offense is starting to find its groove. Their biggest problem will continue to be defensive playcalling when in the lead. Minnesota is the litmus test: they win Sunday, they’ll end up your #2 seed. Book it.

#07. New Orleans Saints – I’ve said for awhile that they have flaws that can easily be exploited both offensively and defensively. Kamara is GOING to put up yards on you, either on the ground or through the air: stop him on the ground.

#06. Carolina Panthers – Maybe Cam only plays well when he has jack squat for receiver.

Tier #1: Letting Greg Schiano scam you out of $20million even though he really didn’t even mean to scam you

#05. Los Angeles Rams – They’ve knocked off what will be a major player in the NFC race, but still got exposed up in Minnesota. If they get a home playoff game though, look out.

#04. Pittsburgh Steelers – That’s a game that should NOT have been as close as it was, however, they did find a way and that’s what matters.

#03. Philadelphia Eagles – This is a great team, but please don’t get caught up in the record hype. They’ll win 13 or 14 games though

#02. New England Patriots – There are three teams in the AFC that have a CHANCE against them: Jacksonville if Bortles is possessed by the ghost of prime Mark Brunnell, Baltimore if Flacco wakes up and Pittsburgh. Even with that, it would still take a great deal to knock them off. You HAVE to hit Brady.

#01. Minnesota Vikings – Case Keenum is playing like he did a fusion dance with 2004 Daunte Culpepper and it’s amazing to watch.


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