#MarvelsRunaways: Episode 4 recap “Fifteen”

As you’d expect with an ongoing series, Episode 4 of Runaways picks up where episode 3 left off. Our motley crew of teens is still hard at work trying to figure out what is going on with their parents and what it is they saw. Episode 3 ended with the body is Destiny, a teen from the Church of Gibborim, ran by the parents of Karolina, washed up on the beach. The news covered this and the members of The Pride were alerted to the fact their ritual from episode 1 did not work.

Episode 4, titled Fifteen, starts off with Nico having a flashback to the apparent suicide of her older sister, Amy. Nico finds Amy in bed with a bottle of pills on her nightstand, dead from an apparent overdose. When Nico tries to call 911, she is knocked out by her mother and overhears her mother telling a man named “Flores” to take care of it. Nico is called by the other 5 Runaways and tells them of her suspicions regarding her sister’s death. The Runaways end the call with Chase telling everyone they need to protect themselves.

On the parents’ end of things, they are trying to find a replacement for Destiny to sacrifice so that some wrinkly skinned guy wearing a mask that lives in Karolina’s mom’s meditation room can feel better (there’s a creepy scene involving him telling her to keep him warm). Chase’s father hallucinates that he kidnapped a runaway girl and it’s clear he’s starting to lose it. The parents all decide to kidnap someone else and Nico’s mom, Tina, begins spying on the Yorkes, who miss the meeting looking for their missing pet dinosaur.

The subplot of the Gert-Chase-Karolina love triangle plays a small role as well. Chase quits the Lacrosse team after being unable to reconcile two of his teammates attempting to rape Karolina in Episode 1 and shows up to tell Karolina this while she and Gert are looking for clues about Destiny’s death. Karolina shows Chase she can glow like a rainbow (foreshadowing) and Chase encourages her that it’s not weird despite it not being normal. Molly is largely absent this episode until Old Lace, the aforementioned dinosaur, attacks her at home. The super powered youngster appears to be done for when Gert shows up and talks the reptile down, realizing she can control it.

Alex and Nico continue to grow closer after attempting to report the murders, backing out when they realize their parents have the police in their pocket and then somehow quickly decrypting a file from the Church that has all the evidence of their sacrifices (seriously, Alex does this in under 30 seconds lol). They realize there have been 15 sacrifices in 15 years (hence the episode title). Just as they are piecing together what’s been going on, Alex is lured outside by his Prius alarm going off and is taken away in a black SUV just as Nico runs outside to see what’s taking him so long. The episode ends with Chase working on his signature gauntlets, the Fistigons, and getting caught by his father. After appearing to be angry and looking like he’s about to hit Chase, he sits down, impressed with his son’s ingenuity.

Four episodes in and our team haven’t become the titular Runaways yet, but they are well on their way. Each has had at least a brush with the talent or power that will help them in their travels . Overall 7/10.


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