The #InfinityWar Trailer Just Dropped and This is the Best Title I Could Come Up With Because I’m Excited

"There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we could become something more. So when they needed us, we could fight the battles. That they never could."


After a clever video from Tom Holland, Marvel decides to release the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and it’s everything I thought it would be. I’ll try to contain my excitement long enough to talk about a few shots from the trailer.

An Avengers movie isn’t an Avengers movie if Dr. Banner hasn’t awakened from his transformation shirtless and confused. I’m glad Marvel gives the fans what we expect.

Vision (Paul Bettany) with the mind gem. If you missed the hints in Civil War, he develops a relationship with Scarlet Witch.

Blonde Widow

My biggest gripe with Spider-Man: Homecoming was the glaring absence of Spidey’s most known power: Spidey sense. Even if you don’t know anything about Spider-Man’s other powers, the phrase “my spidey senses are tingling” has worked its way into pop culture.

Although Dr. Strange has lost its luster, it still made me excited to see Dr. Strange and Tony Stark share a screen. They are easily the MCU’s two biggest assholes and I expect them to share some great banter.

As predicted, that tricky Loki probably stole the Tesseract (again) at the ending of Thor: Ragnarok. Is he using this to regain favor with Thanos? Is he playing keep-away? I’ll put my money on the former rather than the latter.

The villain to end all villains. Well until he kills this current roster of Avengers and we have twenty more movies after the year 2020. It’s Cable! Errr, Thanos! Although the Chitauri race was the villains of the first Avengers movie, the Avengers as a whole have yet to face an extraterrestrial, supernatural threat. It’s going to be interesting to see how their powers are used to combat Thanos.

The Iron Spider armor courtesy of Stark Industries.

“Get this man a shield!”

If you follow me on Twitter, you know my biggest worry about Black Panther is Marvel not letting it thrive on its own. We know Bucky is hiding in Wakanda. I thought this would be used to drive a Cap cameo in this movie. Well, I’m slightly relieved now because it appears Cap won’t make his trip to Wakanda until Infinity War.

Teenage years are supposed to be about finding yourself, having fun, whirlwind romances, not getting smashed into the ground by a titan. Poor Pete…

Loki’s scepter possibly reclaiming the mind gem from Vision. Seems like the casualty count may already be at 1.

Thanos’ gem count is at two. Although four are accounted for, according to my count, I’m still trying to figure out where the last may come from. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Thor Odinson, rocking the eye patch just like his namesake.

Earth’s mightiest heroes finally meet the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Final thoughts? It looks like Marvel is preparing to pull the big guns out. Seeing a lot of these actors go from B stars to the stars they are today and meeting all on one screen will be exciting. The logistics of it all has me interested.

Avengers: Infinity War is being described as a heist movie, so expect a universe-wide race to prevent the end as we know it. This may be the last we see of some heroes and newly introduced ones may step up in their place.

Anyway, see you May 4th.


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