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DCIP #32: “6lack pronounced sixlack” – featuring @GlenofSteel, @JoeCoadTwo

So Grammy nominations dropped earlier this week: SZA, Migos, Childish Gambino, Alessia Cara, and 6lack grabbed a few surprising nominations. Are they deserved? Do we think someone else should be in those spots? Who wins which category, which categories will actually make the airtime? Glen from “The GPG Podcast” and Joe Coad from join us to talk shop.

Also, Courtney‘s back.

Also, Marvel dropped the “Infinity War” trailer. So, there’s that.

Ron was originally boycotting this episode until he realized we were going to talk about the Infinity War trailer and he sashayed on in with some spicy takes.

Twitter: Ryan, Dee, AJ, Main KWC Account

Intro: “Hold It Down” x 54 Platoon

Outro: “Gold & Gucci” – Rob Roy


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