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The Official KWC Starting PGs Tiers List: Part 3

It still doesn’t really feel like the NBA season yet, ’cause football. There’s still time to rank these guys, so here we go. If you missed Tier 1 and Tier 2, the links are attached. Reminder of how we rank ’em.

  • A+ Level: The Cream of the Crop in the NBA. A special player that wills his team to victory time and time again, and is regularly in the MVP conversation.
  • A or A- Level: Guys who make the team better, and franchise cornerstones. All Stars year in and year out, and in the All-NBA Discussion.
  • B+ or B Level: Solid starters that do their jobs and are a nice part of the gameplan. Tend not to screw up a lot.

B- or C+ Level: Mostly either guys who are in the twilight of their careers, or young guards who haven’t hit their potential yet. Not bad, but not great either.

  • C Level: Average. Guys that are ok, and possibly the worst part of the starting 5. Maybe better served as a backup, for now. Also could be guys that need a spark in their careers that need to live up to their potential.



  • Kemba Walker: Kemba’s a heartbreaker man. One of the most underrated point guards in the NBA, because he plays in Charlotta, Kemba Walker is just good. A solid scorer and passer who isn’t a bad defender, he’s the cornerstone for the Hornets. But, there aren’t many people you would want taking the last shot over him. Bleacher Report ranked him the 4th most clutch player in the NBA.
  • Kyle Lowry: He’s not scoring as much as he usually does this year, but he doesn’t have to (see this guy). He’s been doing everything else well, averaging 7 assists and 6 rebounds, along with 16 points per game. Kyle Lowry’s always been a very good shooter, and one of the better defenders in the league as well. An All-NBA candidate every year, and will definitely be an All-Star as well.


  • Chris Paul: Don’t think that just because Chris Paul isn’t as talked about as he used to, that he’s still not a stone cold killer. Chris Paul may still be the best passer in the NBA, and he’s also probably the best perimeter defending point guard behind Patrick Beverley. Chris Paul is the OG of basketball, and he hasn’t shown signs of stopping anytime soon, shooting a career high 42% from 3 point range this year.
  • Damian Lillard: Clutch is the best word to describe this guy. To me, he’s the most clutch player in the NBA. Dame has been a scoring machine since he got to the NBA, and he may be having his best year yet. Dude is averaging 26-6-5, and he always plays with a chip on his shoulder, remembering when coaches didn’t vote him to the All-Star team.
  • Mike Conley: It still shocks me that Mike Conley has NEVER made it to an All-Star Roster. I know, he’s not having the best start to his season, but he means so much to the Memphis Grizzlies organization. I don’t think anyone could question his heart after how well he played in the playoffs last year, and dude is an amazing defender. Mike Conley is the truth, and the rest of the NBA world needs to realize it.
  • Kyrie Irving: I was one who thought that Kyrie moving to Boston was a great move, for him. Not being under LeBron’s shadow has really helped his career, and next thing you know, the Celtics are rolling. An elite scorer with the best handles I’ve ever seen in a basketball player, Kyrie is only getting better,


  • Russell Westbrook: He averaged a triple-double, with 30 points a game. That’s (expletive) ridiculous. Even if you take away his all-time great season in the NBA last year, just look at how he plays basketball. He’s always angry, and you see it on the court. The guy plays hellacious defense, is ridiculously quick with the ball, and regularly puts the team ON HIS BACK.
  • John Wall: Yeah, it’s time to put John Wall on this pedestal. He’s one of the top 10 players in the NBA. Although he’s hurt right now, he’s a fantastic passer, attacks the rim and is CLUTCH. He’s gone talk trash to your favorite player and make sure you know he’s better than you. It maybe his MVP award coming soon.
  • Stephen Curry: Anyone who says that Steph Curry is JUST a shooter, clearly doesn’t know basketball. Now mind you, there won’t be as much pressure on him to win games than Wall and Westbrook, just because he has the Monstars on his team, but he can ball. Aside from being the best shooter ever, his handles are ridiculous, and metrics say he is an above average defender. And look at how he cuts off-screens. Just beautiful to watch.

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