Dexter & Dee Dee: #MrRobot Eps3.8_stage3.torrent Recap

“Can't force an agenda. You have to inspire one”

Darlene has always seemed to split opinions. Either you see her as the bad-ass sister or as an annoying tag along who hides behind being bad-ass. I’ve never had an opinion on her either way. I never thought she was fit to lead the movement in Elliot’s absence but I did think she was incredibly resourceful if need be. Well since the end of last season, she’s gotten herself into a bit of a pickle.

She’s an FBI witness. Although Elliot knows this now, he still finds her hard to trust. Elliot’s grand plan is now trojan horse his 5/9 hack encryption through ‘Stage 3’. He needs access to those FBI files. Darlene says she has an angle. That angle fails miserably. Before we hop into Dee Dee’s major blunder, let’s start from the top.

The episode opens with Elliot looking into a message scribbled onto his new medicine cabinet from Mr. Robot. He’s warning Elliot that the Dark Army has the FBI. Confused, Elliot goes to his computer for clues from the previous night.

This episode brilliantly splits the timeline of Elliot and Mr. Robot. They seemingly want the same thing now but they’re both unaware. Tyrell is appointed as CTO of E-Corp but he’s only a figurehead. Mr. Robot wants Tyrell to use his new position for his personal gain.

Elliot, wants to decrypt the data Romero stashed away. Elliot’s part of the plan works fine. He sets up a fake meeting with Dark Army. While the Dark Army’s henchmen are using a flash drive to collect the data on Elliot’s laptop, little do they know Elliot is running a script to hack them. Once they take it back to Dark Army HQ, which is in a warehouse and not a cave as I imagined, it gives Elliot the access he needs to peek in on their operations. Now, all he needs is FBI access. This is where Darlene comes in. She meets up with Dom for a drink and attempts to swipe her badge. When that doesn’t work, she goes for more desperate measures. So she…decides… I can’t even type this sentence… She decides to seduce Dom. This is when Darlene’s “whatever it takes” attitude goes wrong because that is the dumbest plan ever. It ends exactly how you would expect it to end actually, with Darlene back in cuffs in FBI custody. She’s now forced to spill the beans about the encrypted data and Santiago has to forward this to the Dark Army.

The only good thing to come for this is Dom’s continuous suspicion of Santiago hitting its peak. She can now tell something is up.

After being tipped, Whiterose wants to take care of Darlene and she also sees that it’s time to get rid of Elliot.

Will Elliot be able to decrypt the data and do it without getting killed?

Will Mr. Robot realize he and Elliot are now on the same side?

Will Dom join forces with Elliot after realizing the FBI is corrupt?

Will Dom save her new lover Darlene?

All this and more on next week’s Dragon Ball Z

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