#MarvelsRunaways Episode 6: Metamorphosis Recap


The episode starts off with a flashback of The Wilders and their mysterious business partner/creepy wrinkly skinned dude after Geoffrey gets out of prison. Basically they’re explaining how they came to get the mansion they live in for free. Small flash forward to the Pride’s first meeting and sacrifice of the first teenager. The parents realize they’ve all been duped and effectively blackmailed with Tina and Leslie being the only two aware of what was really happening. Back in the present day, Leslie and Jonah are discussing his return to being seen and we learn that Jonah is actually Karolina’s father (there’s a change to the source material).

Nico has a bonding moment with her mom, Victor finds out Janet is cheating on him with Robert and the kids begin trying to expose their parents for being a cult of serial killers…ya know, typical teenager stuff. The teens get ready for a fundraiser hosted by their parents, Karolina almost comes out of the closet to Nico before getting interrupted by the timely arrival of Molly and Gert and Stan Lee makes a cameo as their limo driver. At the fundraiser, Jonah introduces himself to Frank and borrows Leslie and as they walk away, Frank has what I’m assuming is an erased memory of walking in on those two doing the do…yikes.

Gert confronts Karolina on her liking Nico and she decides to flirt with Chase to make her mad. Molly casts suspicion on the team when she texts Catherine “time is running out” on gathering info about her parents and Karolina takes a bottle of vodka up on the roof and spills her guts to Chase. She starts drinking on a ledge and falls off. Instead of dying, her bracelet falls off and she begins flying and glowing in the air like a teenaged, privileged disco ball. Back inside, the Pride is on stage accepting adoration from the crowd when Victor takes the mic and exposes his wife’s affair before collapsing to the ground.

Victor, recovering in another room, has his brain tumor revealed by Chase, who so gallantly defends the man who used to beat him against his mom, who used to try to protect him…crazy, right? Leslie brings Jonah to Victor while Tina retreats to her office after the revelation her husband was getting it in with another woman. Jonah arrives with a mysterious serum and injects it into Victor, while the protesting Chase is escorted out by Alex’s dad and Gert’s mom.

Nico begins having second thoughts about exposing their parents when Chase reveals the affair to Nico. Victor miraculously wakes up and is suddenly not hostile to his cheating wife while Jonah awkwardly introduces himself to Karolina before Frank walks up and has a tense moment with the guy boning his wife. Jonah reveals that Frank did go “Ultra” before Dale reveals he erased Frank’s memory of Jonah. Molly approaches Catherine about her parents and accidentally reveals she knows what’s going on to her before being saved by Stacey. Setting up, I’m sure, what will be the kids confronting their parents…finally.

Tune in next week!


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