#MarvelsRunaways Episode 7: Refeaction Recap

marvel's runaways

Episode 7 kicks off with a flashback…which is kind of the norm at this point, of Chase’s parents in college. Victor is kicking game to his future wife by discussing time travel and some scientific jargon that I’m not smart enough figure out. That scene is followed by a small flash forward to the birth of our motley crew’s jock, Chase. Followed by another flash forward of young Chase being physically abused by Victor after winning the city championship in Lacrosse. Back in the present day, Victor is woken up by a message on his time machine from an adult Chase. Chase is apologizing and leaving his father a cryptic warning to not pick up the fistigons.

At the Wilder home, Alex’s parents are snooping around his room trying to coax any info about what the kid’s know about Pride out of him, to no avail. Chase walks in on his father excited about cracking the code on something and revealing he is going to the open house. So, apparently, all the action will all take place at the open house. Chase then confronts his mother on her affair and he’s seemingly disappointed in his mother for cheating on his abusive father with a way nicer guy…seriously? Meanwhile, Nico’s father reveals he’s leaving and Nico seems to forgive her father for cheating on her domineering and deceitful mother…this makes more sense.

Over in the glowing alien portion of the cast, Frank walks in on Leslie, apparently administering last rites to a random person in a hospital bed and his loved ones. He requests that they and the doctor leave and for some reason they oblige. Frank leans over the dying man and his hands begin to glow, seemingly reviving the man and giving him more time. After a short spat with his wife, he reveals Jonah showed him something and storms off. The kids meet up at school and begin arguing before Molly reveals she told Alex’s mom she saw something, prompting the others to, rightly, become worried and leading to Molly storming off.

Dale spills some of the serum from Jonah on his arm and starts acting crazy. Molly and Karolina have a bonding moment. Jonah orders Leslie to keep the pride together before something bad happens. Frank has another flashback to his wife getting it on with Jonah after finding a photo of Jonah with Leslie when she was a child…totally not creepy. At the open house, the various strands of drama from the crew and their parents are playing out while nobody among the general public is the wiser. Leslie begins making her rounds trying to make sure Pride stays together in light of two members having an extramarital affair.

The Wilder’s confront the Yorke’s about Molly’s knowledge of the Pride and prepare a plan to try and protect Molly just in case Jonah finds out. Giving us a glimpse at the Pride actually caring about each other’s kids…shocking. The kids reconvene and discuss their parents discussing them and begin to wonder what happens once their parents are exposed. Frank confronts Leslie with the picture of her, as a kid, with Jonah, the guy she’s been screwing, as an adult (seriously, that’s creepy). Victor confronts Chase’s Lacrosse coach, violently, and threatens him to apologize to Chase and reinstate him to the Lacrosse team. Leslie reveals the true nature of Jonah to Frank, including the fact they they have been carrying on an affair.

Janet breaks the news to Robert that she is going to stay with her abuser when Tina walks up to take back her husband. Gert and Molly confront the Yorke’s about them sending Molly away and an emotional Molly misunderstands their intentions she almost uses her super strength to rip Dale in half before being stopped by Molly. Gert calms her down and tells her she has to go. Chase is working on his Fistogons when Victor walks into the lab and reverts back to his abusive ways. Chase, being a tad bigger than his father, ducks his punch and swings on him. Victor picks up the Fistogons, bringing meaning to Chase’s warning at the start of the episode and punches him through a glass wall. As he is about to deliver what I’m sure would’ve been a fatal blow, Janet shoots him, saving Chase and closing out the episode.


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