#BlackLightning – “Lawanda: The Book of Hope” Recap

There is an adage that states “I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Many of us can relate and it appears that Jefferson Pierce’s superpower has him wedged right there. The proverbial rock being his family. His job is to protect them, keep them safe, love them more than anyone else. There should be nothing more important that being there for his daughters and their mother.  Not even Black Lightning. Selfish? Absolutely. This is the major cause of the disconnect.

Lynn, Jefferson’s ex-wife, wants Jefferson. She does not want Black Lightning. The problem is they are one in the same. She has seen firsthand the weight Jefferson holds when he must be both, and their marriage was not strong enough to survive it. The love, however was and its evident they desperately want to be together. They want to be responsible for themselves and live happily in their family bubble.

Lala is not making that possible. He is the quintessential bully that makes others miserable because he is overcompensating. Tobias Whale is giving him the blues. He is a no nonsense-I will shoot you with a harpoon-give a speech about how I don’t like “darkies”-villain. Whale seems to save all his anger for Lala and in turn, Lala is a trigger-happy poser who wants to prove that his head is the one that wears the crown. Lala commits two murders with no thought and sends a message to Jefferson through his daughter Jennifer to let him know he’s not to be trifled with.

Jennifer continues to spiral. She’s smoking and decides drinking at school is something she should do (YOLO!). Thankfully, she has a wise boyfriend who is working to keep her sane since her sister has her own PTSD to deal with.

Anissa is not sleeping well and is trying to make sense of her new found literal strength. She confides in her lover but is lovingly dismissed. She faces a moment that makes her confront her issues head on and the way she handles it seems to be the sleep aid she needs.

There is tremendous room for story and character development that I can’t help but be excited about what comes next. Are the dead really dead? Is there a “too far” for Tobias Whale? Will the girls ever know that their dad is Black Lightning? How weird would it be if there are two superheroes in one house who don’t know who the other is?

One thing we know for sure, Black Lightning is back.


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