50 Things Every First Time Mardi Gras Goer Should Know (Part 3 of 5)

So far in this series you’ve read about things such as never jumping on parade floats, who to call when your ass gets in trouble during Mardi Gras, as well as some fun facts. Today’s column highlights tips 30-21

30. Always carry a portable charger.


In 2015, when I came for the first weekend of parades, I did a lot of walking around Uptown New Orleans. Numerous times I had to walk back to where I was staying to charge my phone. Eventually I rented a portable charger at the Smoothie King Center, which was for all intents and purposes a lifesaver.

If you’re going to come down for Mardi Gras, pack two portable chargers for your phone.

29. If you’re bringing cranky kids, night parades aren’t ideal.

“If you have cranky kids,” Julie Couret said on Friday, “it’s better to take them to the earlier parades as opposed to the night ones.”

28. Do not fight for throws with nuns.

Uptown resident Peter Athas said this to me on Friday regarding the nuns that run the Strive Center on Napoleon Avenue.

“Do not fight for throws with nuns,” he told me.

27. If you’re going to use a parade tracker, use the WDSU tracker

Every year since I’ve lived here, I’ve used both the WWL and WDSU trackers for parades. The WDSU is more real time and isn’t laced with advertisements. Also you can get notifications on parade news.

26. Pack layers and clothes that are easy to maneuver in a port-a-potty

When nature calls you, it’s important to wear clothes that are easy to maneuver if you have to use the porta potty. Wearing something that limits you while you use a porta potty doesn’t bode well for you in the end.

25. If you’re going to bike around for Mardi Gras, buy a U lock.

I bike a lot due to my food delivery business as well as for leisure. More often than not bikes get stolen on the regular in New Orleans (I’ve had three stolen from me in less than a year). If you’re going to buy a lock for a bike, buy a U lock.

24. If you’re going to eat a Lucky Dog, eat it when you’re wasted. Not sober. You will have the shits.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018, it’s pretty much a rite of passage for people to go to Bourbon Street and eat a Lucky Dog.

If you’re going to eat one, eat it when you’re drunk.

23. First aid kits do come in handy

I’m accident prone, so I know if I’m accident prone when I’m sober, I can only imagine how many scrapes I have on my ass when I’m drunk.

If you’re accident prone, bring a first aid kit.

22. You’re going to get hit in the face with beads.

One thing that happens quite often during parades is people getting hit with beads. I know that it’s no fun but that’s expected if you go to a Mardi Gras parade.

21. Fanny packs are cool

Folks, if you’re going to the parades, it’s best to keep your valuables at home. Realize that pickpockets feast on this time of year, for it is their Christmas.


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