50 Things Every First Time Mardi Gras Goer Should Know (Part 4 of 5)

We’re at the home stretch of my Mardi Gras series, which means we’re getting to the good stuff regarding tips on things to do and not do while you’re here.

20. The best way to get beads is by bringing a sign


Rae Cote, a friend of this blog, sent me a few examples of signs she’s made over the years.

Instead of waving your hands like most people the smartest way to get beads is by creating a sign.

19. Don’t fall for bullshit scams

The worst people in New Orleans are scam artists. There’s two scams that are pretty prominent in the Quarter, one being “I know where you got your shoes from” and the other one being beads for donations.

Realize that these people are not the ambassadors this city needs, but people who probably need to have a legit job or maybe professional psychiatric help.

18. You can have fun, even if you have social anxiety

In 2003, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, which was never much of a problem when I lived in Memphis. However in New Orleans, I’ve actually learned how to handle my social anxiety.

If you have social anxiety, don’t let it deter you from having a good time during Mardi Gras. Understand your triggers and have an action plan in place in the event you do have an anxiety attack during Mardi Gras.

17. If you bring kids to parades, bring extra adult help.

“This isn’t a playground we’re talking about,” Julie Couret told me, “It’s going to be crowded.”

16. If you’re going to the Zulu Ball, don’t wear sneakers

“You’ll be surprised at how many people get turned at the door for wearing sneakers,” my friend Dree said to me last week in regards to the Zulu Ball.

Don’t be that person.

15. Ladders, ladders, ladders

“If you’re going to bring your child to a parade, make sure you get a step ladder to get some height,” Couret said to me.

More importantly, as the people at Freret Hardware told me, you want a ladder that is sturdy.

“Sturdiness helps.”

14. By all means, don’t touch beads that hit the ground, especially on Bourbon.

The worst thing you can do is touch beads that hit the ground or even worse, landed in some vomit or spilled beer. I advise you never to do this. If they hit the ground, leave them there.

13. Water is your friend

If you’re going to drink, also keep high quality water handy as well.

It is your friend.

12. Even if you are arrested during Mardi Gras, you’d be back out partying in no time.

More advice from Craig Mordock’s Blog

Since I have moved to New Orleans, I have heard this misconception hundreds of times from locals and visitors alike and it simply isn’t true. Many people have wasted their Mardi Gras stuck in Orleans Parish Prison because their friends and relatives said “we can’t do anything until Wednesday.” As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can get a bond set very quickly and once posted, assist in expediting the release of your loved one. While processing may take a little longer than normal during Mardi Gras, your friend or relative can be back out joining the party after a meal, shower and probably a nap.

11. Pace yourself

Last night I went to the KDV parade and biked back to my house in Central City. Despite the fact that there was a second parade, I figured I had seen enough for Saturday.

It would be dope to see every parade on both weekends. But realize you have to get your rest. The last thing you need is burnout.

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