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@SturdyShow Presents: Don’t Call This A Podcast #39: Boycotts, Brown and Baduism (No 360 Deals here)

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First and foremost we do apologize for the delay on the episode. We got a little wrapped up and busy Thursday Night so we had to postpone.

@ShOOObz was supposed to join us but because of the delay (and the fact that she actually had plans on Friday, unlike the rest of us) she wasn’t able to jump on with us Friday Night. It’s all good though, we’re gonna get her on another episode, but in the meantime Ryne from the Hot Takes Podcast, and a good friend of the site and a member of our Podcast Collective, @SturdyShow (The Barbershop Podcast) chimed in instead.

Mo’Nique called for a boycott of Netflix after she got a low-ball offer for a standup special, she quickly learned she didn’t hold enough wait to call for a Netflix boycott. The most important question though is, who DOES?

Murphy Brown is coming back to your television sets, adding another random popular 80s/90s television show getting a revival next to Roseanne and Will & Grace. You’ve got network executive powers, what show you bringing back? (This turned into a Family Matters roasting session).

Finally, Erykah Badu was interviewed by Vulture this week and among other things, she stated that she “sees the good in everyone, including Hitler” and we talk about this before diving into more wack Nicki Minaj bars.

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intro: Jimmy x FlashBang Grenada

Outro: Back That Azz Up x Juvenile


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