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Don’t Call It A Podcast 41: “Better Pizza, Better Propositions” feat. @CoolCyWrites

Hey y’all, sorry about last week, we actually DID record an episode, but the audio at the end of it was so bad that we’re going to postpone it for now and come back to it when we have more participants. Shoutout to Alex and Trevor for recording it regardless, it’ll get tied into a full episode regarding that subject matter shortly.

Before I really dive into what this episode is about (and I know this may seem like a weird place to do this) I wanted to express our deepest condolences for those involved in the Parkland, Florida shooting. We have an issue in our country, it’s an issue that doesn’t happen in any other country on this planet. It just doesn’t. There are simple ways to solve this problem, but it’s pretty clear we don’t want to. I cannot do anything but express my anger and unwillingness to yield on this issue and continue to seriously pray for those involved and those affected. I wish to never be able to relate, and the only way I can guarantee that is by continuing to speak up and push our legislators to do the right thing.

That being said we wanted to push through and still do something fun this episode. Oh boy was it a fun one too.

  • DEE is back from Maternity Leave (we have a really weak leave policy around here, 2 weeks and you’re done), baby Jordan is doing just fine and little Jonathan is enjoying being a big brother.
  • The National Day of Black Panther is finally here. Teej said two weeks ago that it was the worst thing to happen to Black Twitter, and we agree to an extent, but we gotta admit we’re enjoying the costumes and creativity. Are you going to see it opening weekend?
  • Cyrus Smith of Underdog Dynasty joins us for this episode and quickly becomes the star when we dive into wild stories from previous employment. Cyrus went to FAU and spent his college years down in South Florida and used to work part-time as a delivery driver for a pizza chain. I’ll just lead off by saying that Cyrus once got offered $500 to have sex with a man’s wife. Yeah.
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  • Featured Tracks: “Homegirl” x Intuition (Girls Like Me), “Lonely” x Intuition (Girls Like Me)
  • Backing Instrumentals provided by Bryson of the WBLB Podcast

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