The best & worst of Carnival 2018

It’s been four days since we put the wraps on another Carnival season in New Orleans. As much as I enjoy being able to ride my bike on St. Charles without the mass of people in the way, life has been much quieter in the neighborhood since Tuesday.

That being said, here’s the best and worst of Carnival 2018.

Best Parade: Nyx

The largest all-women krewe of them all, the Krewe of Nyx made a rainy Wednesday in New Orleans magical. Props to them braving the rain and cold to put on an amazing parade.

Worst Parade: Druids

Chaos would have been contender, but Druids’ stingness with throws, plus their cup design looked like some middle school bullshit.

Best Throws: Tucks

I didn’t get a chance to catch one of the plungers, but I was able to catch numerous Tucks cups. I loved how they kept everything in sync with their 2018 theme.

Worst Throws: Chaos

Chaos’ throw budget has to be $20 no?

Best Cup Design: Iris

The Krewe of Iris did a fantastic job with their cup design this year as you can tell by this picture. 3D designs are always awesome.

Worst Cup Design: Femme Fatale

I loved the Femme Fatale parade, however I thought their cup design was too plain.

Best Floats: Orpheus

I’ve seen pictures of the Orpheus floats online. However it’s completely different when you see them in person. Favorite one of course was the Smokey Mary.

Worst Floats: Chaos

I love satire and making people laugh, however Chaos was completely off base with their floats. You can do satire without being dicks.

Best Theme: Tucks

Tucks kept everything in uniform with their theme this year. Loved it.

Worst theme: Endyimon

If your theme is Jazz to the World, then Flo Rida and Kesha shouldn’t be playing on your floats. No wonder it rained on y’all shit. You pissed off the ancestors.

Best Personal Moment

I had never experienced a Fat Tuesday that didn’t involve working in the Quarter. To be able to experience it and not have either an anxiety attack or having to deal with drunk tourists was a blessing.

Worst Personal Moment

On the first Saturday of parades, my brand new phone, after three days of use, suffered a sudden death at the hands of Mother Nature. Earlier in the same week, beer spilled on my iPhone and killed it.

Thankfully this phone I have now isn’t dead.

Yet, that is.

Best Moment

During the Krewe of Tucks parade there was a marriage proposal. While it’s hard to find love during Carnival, props to the newly engaged couple.

Worst Moment

The stretch of St. Charles between Louisiana and General Taylor is ground zero for the Darth Beckys and Chads of the world.

On Bacchus Sunday two Darth Beckys decided to go at it on Peniston Street over a dude, bringing new meaning to “Crazy Love”.

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience. Enjoy Paul Taylor’s ” ‘Til We Meet Again”

Til We Meet Again-Paul Taylor


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