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Nintendo announced a new Smash Bros. and I lost my mind: A Wishlist

Hype train, can you hear it?

I saw the news of a Nintendo Direct for March 8, but wasn’t in any position to watch the live stream when it aired. Once I finally got home, I scoured YouTube for the old stream to see if I could watch it, but instead I found this:

I damn near lost my mind when I saw the title of the video and lost it even more when I realized what this meant: we’re getting a brand new Smash game folks.

Now I know most are hesitant and assuming that it’s a port, but I’m not so inclined to believe that. Nintendo has been very straightforward announcing their ports of Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) and Pokken Tournament (Deluxe). My gut feeling is that we would’ve gotten a “Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch” announcement instead of a “Title TBD” with a release date of 2018. Regardless we’re getting a major trailer come E3, which is certainly what Nintendo is preparing us for. So to get the hype train in motion here are a few things I’m hoping happens with this new installment.


1. Bring back a proper story mode

One of the aspects that made Brawl my favorite in the Smash series, was the presence of the Subspace Emissary. It was a cool, engaging story told through beautiful cutscenes in a game that features characters from various universes that never get the chance to interact. It honestly breathed a little life into the series, giving an expansive main campaign to compliment “classic” mode, which can get repetitive and boring. Sakuri’s reasoning for removing it from Sm4sh always bothered me, I mean, I get it, but I hate it.  I think a retooled story mode for the newest installment could take the series in a new direction, especially with a few of the characters added in the last installment (imagine Duck Hunt getting in on some serious tail-kicking).



2. Condense the roster

Smash 4’s roster was INCREDIBLE, and we’re even aware of some removals due to hardware limitations of the 3DS (Ice Climbers). Even though it’ll be great to add more characters (trust me, I’ll get to that shortly), I think we can really scale back some of the slots to alternative skins to give the roster a more re-designed look and keep people from complaining about characters “taking slots”. For example: all those Fire Emblem characters can serve as alternative skins of one another, Lucina and Roy being alternative costumes for Marth, Dr. Mario an alternative for Mario, Dark Pit for Pit, etc. There’s no reason for them to have their own respective slots. Also, give Ganondorf a new moveset.

3. Improve online capability

Since Nintendo will apparently move to a payment system in the coming months, I’m hoping this will improve functionality with playing online. Brawl was a hot ass mess and Smash 4 did better but still needs improvements. The ability to match within a lobby would be nice, as well as a scaling and point rewarding system that would function similar to Mario Kart. Allowing four-person free for alls even when playing online with a friend would be great too. The system just needs a revamp,


4. Give me Geno

No, seriously. If Nintendo announced that this were simply a port of Wii U/3DS Smash but that they added Geno to the mix, I would buy this thing 19 times. I’ve been waiting on a Geno return for two decades now and just when I thought there was no hope, Nintendo teased me yet again with the Mii Costume for Sm4sh. I need proper Geno placement though, I don’t care about movesets, I don’t care about tiers, I will main the everloving hell out of Geno if he shows up in Smash 5.  I didn’t want to make this post about character wishlists, I’ll save that for later, but I had to include my obligatory “please bring Geno back” speech. I’ll pay Square whatever it takes.



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