I’m getting too old for this sh-t


It’s ok when Murtaugh says it because he’s Murtaugh. He has a walking timebomb for a partner and is looking forward to retirement. I’d be tired too. What about you though?

There seems to be this awful idea that the older you get, the less you should spend time on “frivolous” things. At a certain age, your dreams have to be abandoned. You need to get it together and be serious about your life. After all, you don’t have much time left. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be as live as you can be?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post that’s gonna talk about how old Ava Duvernay was when she started directing (she was 32) or how a 92 year old just had a role in Black Panther (Wakanda Forever). This is a post to make you think “why on Earth would I want to slow down if my time is running out?”

You’ve seen the movie/tv show/possibly lived through a situation where a person is told they have _____ time to live. Once they accept this, they mostly make amends, get their affairs in order and then, then my friend, they LIVE.

They take that trip, they jump out of that plane, they quit that job, they do whatever makes them happy. Now, I’m not telling you to quit your job broke bwoiii, but why would you let someone kill your dream of being WHATEVER you want to be? You’re older today than you were yesterday and in 5 years you’ll be 5 years older whether you listen to the naysayers or not.

The sure thing is that we are all dying. Why not live in the meantime? Tell anyone that tries to bring you down to kick rocks and be the best you possible.

With your old ass.


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