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Don’t Call It a Podcast Season 2 (1): Logical conclusion to a Stormy situation


We’re back for season 2 famalam! Skinny crew today, but Dee and I can always hold down an episode. Who needs Ronnie! (Come back fam)

Also, Court was busy, so our tweet lied to you, but she’ll be coming back soon. She’s educating the youth and that’s more important than this little (big) podcast.

First and foremost: please follow us on iTunes and Google Player

On the docket this week:

  • United wylin, as usual. How much would they need to pay you to get kicked off a flight to your best friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party? We’re talking cold hard cash too.
  • 77 animals killed or harmed on United flights since 2015. Wow.
  • We talk about how trash Spirit Airlines is
  • Wendy’s dropped a mixtape, and I feel like everyone forgot that Hamburger Helper and Retro Spectro did it first
  • Your employer approaches you about penning a mixtape for the company, how much they gotta pay you? Dee said they gotta include PTO.
  • Logic never had h**s, now he’s got em and doesn’t know how to sit his ass down somewhere and be married
  • Stormy Daniels told us that Trump’s thing for his daughter is a real thing
  • Killer Mike is the latest rapper to do something stupid and break my trust. If Andre 3000 does something problematic I’ll probably lose it.
  • Toys R Us is closing, do you feel the least bit of empathy?
  • Is it really millennials fault?
  • Dee figures out how the Millennials have been able to afford Miami for Spring Break
  • As usual, Baby Jordan makes an appearance!



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