Uh Yes, You Should Be Watching Legion

"...he may be the most powerful mutant we've ever encountered."


A week from today, TV’s most underrated show returns to TV. No, not The Americans, although this show is on the same network. This show is FX’s foray into the comic book genre, Legion. Legion provides a fresh take on an oversaturated genre. It’s incredibly creative and undoubtedly unlike anything else on TV right now. Since this show is under the radar, I wanted to provide a few reasons why you should be watching.

Noah Hawley


Circa 2013, FX announced the rollout of an anthology show based on a classic Coen Brothers film. This movie is one that’s adored by many, Fargo. Although set in the same region of the North/upper midwest, this show would not be linked to the movies in any way. Naturally, I thought this was a terrible idea. I was wrong, of course. Season 1 of Fargo totally took me by surprise. Season 2 blew me away. It’s easily the best season of TV in the last five years.

Long story short, Noah Hawley knows how to make TV. Even with seeing Fargo, I had no clue what to expect with Legion. This show blends in dark humor while tackling serious issues such as mental illness. These themes overlay the superhero theme that’s the foundation of the show. Without building this good story underneath, Legion wouldn’t set itself apart like it does.

The “M” Word


With the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one word has been noticeably absent. Mutant. Mutants have had terrible on-screen representation so far. On one hand, it is hard to establish multiple mutants in a two-hour window but on the other, “those movies” have had lazy writing.

Legion gets to be an eight-hour movie. It gets to explore the complications of being a mutant both mentally and physically. David Haller isn’t just any mutant though, he’s one of the most powerful mutants in the universe. He also suffers from multiple personality disorder, with each of his multiple personalities taking on their own powers.

And even though the X-Men aren’t present, this show will still provide a great group of mutants with unique powers to place around David.

Familiar Storyline?



It’s now important to mention that Legion’s full name is David Charles Haller. His middle name comes from his birth father, none other than Professor Charles Xavier. While David has to battle his illness, he also has to discover who he is. While discovering who he is, he also finds out why season one’s villain is after him. I won’t spoil it, but if you’re familiar with the X-Men cartoon of the 90s who will know who it is.


Although Legion is a week away, you still have plenty of time to catch up before season two. The first season is only eight episodes which means if you start now, you’ll totally be ready.

Before I tell you to leave this post and head to Hulu, I’d like to remind you that Legion episode recaps will be posted the following morning every week. Happy watching.


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