#PlaylistMonday: THIS. IS. THE REMIX

Ryan here. Ron was kind enough to start this post for me since I was falling asleep around 9:30pm last night like an old man and forgot to get the post started in time for today. So shoutout to him.

Rap is an interesting genre. So young, yet so dominant. Comfortably repetitive, yet engaging. The genre undergoes so much change from era to era that it’s now almost unrecognizable from what it originated as. Nothing defines that more in rap than the remix.

This sort of falls hand in hand with a playlist we did a few months back regarding posse cuts as so many 90s and 2000s remixes essentially became that.

This playlist won’t just showcase that. This is meant to serve as a balance between posse cut remixes and songs getting a new life remix. Have fun. If you have suggestions @ me on Twitter @EagleEye1906 and I’ll be sure to add it. Sometimes the brain just farts b.



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