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DCIP 2-3: Stir Fry aka Don’t Date Your Coworkers featuring @HumbleTeej

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If you missed the Twitter thread/spy novel/Criminal Minds screenplay that unfolded last week over an incident regarding fried rice, you missed a good one. Peep the thread above for reference.

We talk about coworkers that really wild out and eat other people’s food, as well as Dee’s theory regarding why the fried rice story escalated the way that it did. It all boils down to one thing: don’t date your coworkers fam.

We also talk about Cardi B’s warning track to Offset, and why the onus seems to be on her to leave instead of him to stop cheating.

Finally, approximately how many twitter brackets did you fill out this March? Incorrect, the correct answer is too many.

@HumbleTeej joins us once again!

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Intro – Lookin 4 Ya x Big Boi featuring Andre 3000, Sleepy Brown

Outro – Top Back x T.I.


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