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(CLASSIC) DCIP Episode #15: @SebastianKole talks current state of the music industry

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In July 2017 we had the pleasure of being joined by friend of the podcast: Singer/Songwriter Sebastian Kole. Sebastian is a native of Birmingham, AL and has known the hosts of our podcast for some time, he’s always been nice enough to provide us with his time and energy, of which we are very appreciative!

Since we didn’t record this Sunday (been super busy), we thought we would bring back a classic episode that doesn’t get as much love as a few others. We were eternally grateful to have Roy Wood and Narado on, but this was the first time we really laid off the comedy and did more of an interview style, while just allowing our guest to drop knowledge. As I said before, this is a special episode.

It runs a little long (90 minutes) since it was back before we really gave a damn about length, but it is well worth the listen if you haven’t heard it before, and if you HAVE, then listen again b!

This episode is brought to you by Just Whipped Head to Toe Body Butters. Whether you need a scalp balm, trying to grow your beard, or any other kind of body blends, you can check out Ms. Juli’s website for details.

Intro – Remember Home x Sebastian Cole, Alessia Cara

Outro – Meditation x No Suh Foster, District Phive, LDLR

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