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Was Chante Moore TRYING to get caught with a pedophile? A KWC Investigative Report

It was 2 AM on a cool Spring morning in 2001. Mr. Ronald Isley had returned to his home from a night of rendezvous with his closest friends. Upon checking his voice messages, Mr. Isley notes that the only people to call his home were a few close friends and a few collections agencies. His cell phone rang immediately afterward, but it was only an acquaintance requesting financial assistance. He then takes the time to 2-Way his girlfriend, Ms. Chante Moore.

Isley begins to suspect that something is awry, panicked, he calls Moore’s mother early that morning in search of the missing lover, no dice.

He then decides to get back into his car to go search for her, again, with no dice. After hours of searching, he returned to his mansion to watch television while he put his thoughts together.


It was at this moment that Mr. Isley heard noises coming from the 2nd floor of his home. “I turned the TV down, because I thought I heard a squeaky sound” Mr. Isley rhymed to us as he recalled the events of the night.

Mr. Isley made his way upstairs before he heard his lover exchanging sexual desires and pleasantries with an unknown man. Furious, Mr. Isley decided not to immediately rush in to confront the two, as he thought to look in the closet for [a sword] (upon recounting the story, Mr. Isley referred to it as his OOO in frustration).

“This isn’t the first time this has happened. She has been down low on me before”

When he finally confronted Ms. Moore and her lover, he discovered that the man she was in a rouse with was none other than known pedophile Robert Kelly.  After a heated exchange, Isley called his brothers and security details to have the two removed from the home.

But there’s got to be more to the story, and we, as an investigative unit, have questions.

Mr. Isley often performs, unprompted, in his home

Mr. Isley’s home is one that is equipped with plenty of alarm systems, as he is a man of plenty possessions. Ms. Moore, upon rushing into the home with a known pedophile and deviant, could have easily set one of many alarms we discovered on the property. At the very least, she could have set a chime notifying her of when someone has entered a door in the home. She did not.

Ms. Moore could have also hid her car as to not prompt Mr. Isley to search for her upon arriving at his home. She would have been able to tell Mr. Isley that she was out of the home for the night with friends (as we assume he was too), rendering his search for her useless.

Still, a few questions still remain: why did Moore return to Isley’s home that evening? Was she under the belief that he wasn’t coming back? Did she lie to Mr. Kelly and tell him that she was 15 and that the home belonged to her father? Was she trying to setup Mr. Kelly to be arrested for his crimes?

We don’t know, we can only assume.

We have recreated the events of that April 2001 evening, our budget was limited so we had to hire actors that could only perform during the daytime. We thank you for ignoring that minor detail.


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