Nostalgia Ultra

Nostalgia Ultra: The Shirt Tales had meme potential

Just imagine the potential

Memes are wild. They are simplistic ways to convey responses, emotions or replicate situations we’ve all awkwardly been involved in. SpongeBob SquarePants has provided roughly 23487 memes in 2018 alone, along with one of my all time favorites:

Except the heart says “sit on my face”

But what I want to highlight here exists in a time before SpongeBob’s endless memes, a very mediocre, short lived cartoon series based on anthropomorphic Hallmark animal mascots called “The Shirt Tales”. Shirt Tales originally debuted on NBC back in 1982 but was ultimately reran by Cartoon Network in the 90s due to the early days of the Network lacking original programming.

The show centered around The Shirt Tales, who were crime fighters and also super sleuths but also animals at a park who also had to hide their identity while also not be discovered by the Park Ranger (who was a total a**) for no discernible reason outside of plot. The team consisted of Tyg Tiger, Pammy Panda, Digger Mole, Rick Raccoon (the coolest one) and Bogey Orangutan (2nd coolest one) who each wore a special shirt that could convey their feelings, but also somehow communicate with one another, I don’t know, details are hazy.

None of that’s important though, what’s important is that this show is chock full of meme potential. I mean, I pretty much named the main reason, you know, their shirts being able to convey emotion. Imagine Bogey’s shirt saying “it may not look like it, but a n**** goin through a lot right now” in full Times New Roman text. Or Digger with a bashful grin with a shirt that reads “sit on my face”.


Imagine the amount of Rocket Raccoon jokes you could make with Rick or how you could have a ton of memes centered around the idea of him not being here for anybody’s s***. Just think about it. Okay. Think about it. Then steal some screen grabs, meme em up, and send them to me.

I’m begging you.


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