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We need to talk to whoever green lit Taylor Swift’s “September” cover

Some things need to be left alone....especially by white people

Good Lord Almighty haven’t y’all done enough? Elvis stole rock n roll from us, y’all convinced Sammy Sosa he was a white man, told us Obama doesn’t count as a black president cause he’s mixed, released Bhad Bahbie into the world (okay, that one was kinda black twitter’s fault) and so so so much more (elected Trump).

I could let ALL of that go, ALL of it, but then someone did the unthinkable.

Someone told Taylor Swift that a bluegrass cover of “September”, the legendary feel good and cookout classic by Earth Wind and Fire, was a perfectly fine idea.

All the cheese in their mac and cheese just curdled up.

Verdine White ain’t grow up to look like Michelle Williams’ Daddy for this. No ma’am. He didn’t play the hell out of that bass back in 1978 to have Miss Culture Vulture swoop in to try to steal our joy.

2018 is rough. Too rough for this mess.

I have questions that need to be answered.

Who does she think she is?

I’ve never felt bad for Taylor. Not ever. I feel like she used the Kanye incident to play victim and “woe is me” for years even after it happened, especially once she pulled the stunt after “Life of Pablo” regarding Ye’s infamous bars on “Famous” (he was out of pocket, but hey). I’ve never been a fan of this flavorless Mandi Moore and her antics and I’m certainly no fan of this soulless attempt at capitalizing on something that doesn’t need to be touched.

Let me make something clear as day:

I don’t give a damn if this was Beyonce herself (who blessed us with an incredible performance at Coachella right after this debacle. Thank you Ma’am), you don’t need to touch “September”. That’s in the pantheon of songs that just don’t need to be bothered for all eternity, along with “Before I Let Go”, “Have You Seen Her”, “My Boo”, “Back That Azz Up” and “Just Be Good To Me”. You let the originals play and do what they do, because they still stack up to this day.

For young Vitamin C-Graduation face to have the unmitigated gall to ATTEMPT to re-imagine what Phillip Bailey and the late Maurice White put their very heart and soul into….. I just am at a loss for words.

Taylor, don’t go sticking your Blonde Girl from “DREAM” He Loves Me, He Loves You Not face in places where it does not belong. Stay away, far far away, from beloved R&B and Soul classics.

That is not your steelo.


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