#AtlantaFX Recap: Crabs in a Barrel

This week’s episode starts with a visibly annoyed Earn and his daughter Lottie riding with a woman who takes pride in ignoring her GPS. Once they reach their destination, we realize Earn has a meeting with Alfred and a potential entertainment lawyer. Alfred comments on Earns lack of professionalism while commenting “you brought a baby?” Yes. A baby. To a business meeting. Earn is still begging to be fired. The meeting commences and not only is Alfred not impressed with the current lawyer’s clientele, he is not at all happy with the 5% fee. They leave and Alfred makes it clear he wants “a Jewish dude.”

Earn’s next stop is a trip to Lottie’s school for a parent/teacher conference. Van and Ean are anxious but take a sigh of relief when the teacher informs them that Lottie is exceptional. The joy is short-lived when they are told that she is way too advanced not only for the class, but for the entire “awful” school. The teacher suggests putting her in a private school and the other “cheaper” option is to have her in a two parent household. Can’t find better shade than older black woman shade. She leaves them with the parting words “I see a steer smart enough to leave the pen, I’ll leave the gate open.”

Darius will be joining the guys on a two month tour with Clark County but first, he has to rectify his expired passport situation. In true Darius form, there is no urgency. He knows a guy. Of course he knows a guy, and his guy is Jewish. Earn is surprised that things are working out and since they have to wait a couple hours, he takes a moment to breathe but is then hit with a text states that Van is considering moving with Lottie back to her mother’s. Earn feels like his world is crumbling and Darius comforts him. He tells him that his efforts are not going unnoticed but gives him a hard truth about Earn’s relationship with Alfred. “Learning requires failure…yall both black so that means y’all both can’t afford to fail.” Darius tells him that Alfred won’t fire him before he is given a chance “to see the world.” Once again solidifying that Alfred is looking out for him, as always, but he can’t sink with him. Darius also gives insight to his general carefree demeanor. “Nigerians don’t fail.” No point in worrying.

Darius guy is not only good with passports, but he suggests his cousin for legal reasons. He is lets Earn know the quality of the legal services is very likely no greater than the quality of legal services performed by a black lawyer, but he also makes it clear that black people don’t have the connections his cousin has. You know, “systemic reasons.”

Everyone arrives at the airport but they’re not in the clear yet. There is still TSA. Clark County and his manager Luke arrive just as Earn, Darius and Alfred are about to go through. Luke casually asks Alfred if he checked out the lawyer he recommended and you can see the concern on Earn’s face. He shakes it off and urges the guys to keep moving in an effort to make the flight. Luke then, in a beautiful use of foreshadowing states that the “flight’s not gonna leave without Clark County.”

As it appears that we are home free, Earn checks his bag and realizes that he still has the gold gun “Alligator Man” gave him. There is dread and the thought of “oh goodness, Earn loses. Again.” Not this time. You see a flash in his eyes, the lightbulb goes off and he asks Clark County for a bin. The rapper obliges him and Earn, Darius, and Alfred walk towards the plane without an issue.

Finally reaching his destination, Earn can breathe again. Alfred reveals he saw him in the line. He knows he put the gun in someone else’s bag. Alfred tells Earn that did exactly what everyone does. He figured out a way to survive because he didn’t have a choice. Alfred needs to survive and he needs the person who knows him to help. It appears that Earn understands and as Alfred and Darius celebrate getting to the money, Clark County tells them that Luke had a gun in his bag. A clean, gold one. One he wishes was his. The gun Earn told Alfred was Clark County’s bag. Alfred’s face wraps up the season perfectly. “Damn.”

The episode ends with one more reminder. You can’t take everyone with you. Tracy is going to knock on that door forever. Hopefully we’ll get another season to see how Paperboi fares on tour. There is definitely enough to discusss until then.


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