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The Committee Podcast (@CommitteePod): Cancelled and Cancel Culture (2 episodes)

We’ve got a two-parter for y’all for The Committee Podcast this week. Up first is “Cancelled”:

-Follow Up on Starbuck Controversy
-How man black NRA members will purchase Cell Phone shaped gun?
-Do you have any friends as bad as Kevin Harts?
-Why does everyone care so much about Kanyes views?
-Nothing is “cancelled” except Bill Cosby and R.Kelly
-Childish Gambino’s “This is America” Thoughts

Followed by “Cancel Culture Pt 2”

– Fake Outrage(Kanye West,Rosanne)
– Are Millennial’s destroying the credit card industry?
– Is it cool to get you Baby Mama a gift on Mother’s Day?
– When is it ok to expose DM’s?(Pen Pal Incident)
– This week in Cancel Culture: R.Kelly
– Our thought on the Matt Patricia scandal/Did Lions/NFL do enough?
– Elle “Whines it Out”

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***Disclaimer: Objective truth expressed on this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. ENJOY




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