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Don’t Call It A Podcast SZN2 #6: Sweet Home Alabama don’t even SLAP featuring @RoyWoodJr

We took a week off, but we’re back now y’all! West End (Birmingham) native and Rock Scholar Roy Wood Jr. (Daily Show) joins us for his redemption episode. Last time we had Roy on, we made him talk about 90s and 00s cartoons, this time we think we found something up his ally.

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  • Courtney is BYKE after pretty much a year away due to work.
  • We talk about 80s Pop Rock Ballads/songs and how important it is to know them when working in “white Hollywood”
  • None of the Sweet Home Alabama remixes were ever good
  • Roy talks about how he accidentally setup a rapper from Tuscaloosa for a massive radio L
  • “If you can make people laugh in Birmingham, go to New York IMMEDIATELY
  • New pilot called “Jefferson County”
  • With Eve co-hosting “The Talk”, and The Lox opening a smoothie shop, what rappers from this generation do we see doing a complete 180?
  • Opening Song: I Can’t Go For That (Vinyl) x Hall & Oates
  • Closing Song: Powerglide x Rae Sremmurd, Juicy J

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